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The Salem Witch Trials

No description

Hayley Workman

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials
By: Hayley Workman
The witch trials began in February
1692, when young girls began
dancing in the woods and
screaming hysterically.

The first girl that started experiencing symptoms was Betty Parris, then it was....
Elizabeth Booth
Elizabeth Hubbard
Mercy Lewis
Susannah Sheldon
Abigal Williams
Mary Walcott
And Mary Warren, all
started experiencing the same
symptoms. The father of
Betty Parris, Reverend Samuel Parris,
called for a doctor, Williams Griggs,
to examine the girls. Mr. Griggs
suggested that they might be
Shortly after a few of the girls
named the people they thought
where bewitching them.
A women named Tituba who was a slave for Samuel Parris, was named along with three other towns people.
Ann Putnam Jr
Mary Warren
Rumors also spoke of the girls dancing around in the woods. The towns people said the girls would fall to the ground and scream hystericaly. They thought of it as black magic.
Soon these behaviors spread across Salem, and Ministers from near by communities came to Salem to lend their advice.
Rumors spread that young girls where seen coming and
going from Tituba's house.
The trials began when the girls began naming more people, there where five examinations the accused had to pass in order to not be charged as guilty.
The first examination was to recite the Lords Prayer. Some of the younge girls where known to fall to the floor and scream in pain, when the accused would start reciting.
Second was any physical evidence. Birthmarks, warts,
moles, or any other blemishes where seen as portals
where Satan could enter the body.
Third was a witness testimony.
Fourth was spectral evidence, the people of Salem belived Satan could not take control of any unwilling person. So if anyone saw a ghost in the form of the accused, the person accused was a witch.
The fifth examination was the confession. In many cases it was the only way out. The accused would though themselves at the mercy of the court. None of the confessors where exicuted.
The hysteria began to lose steam in 1693, when the governor of Salem heard that his wife had been accused. He then demanded an end to the trials.
20 people and 2 dogs where executed for the crime of witch craft.
No one truly knows what happened in Salem 1692. Historians believed it was due to stress over governmental things, and young girls seeking attention. That drove everyone to hysteria.
We may never know what happened in Salem, for the truth is in the grave.
By: Hayley Workman
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