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No description

Naomi Kroll

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Hipsters

Tribe Profile
They are alternative to everyday society and prefer not to conform (excluding the popular 2010 Hipsters trends).
Tutorial time: Wednesday 8/5/14 - 4pm

By: 18059221 Naomi Kroll

17782539 Ashif Gohabar

18012718 Chloe Ellison

18008988 Sarah Marks

18055014 Hoang Lan Huong

Response to Tribes Needs
The eco Charger allows Hipsters to
with others and use their phones; it allows room for
and the need to be an
; and the eCo charger is

Hipsters will definitely buy the eCo Charger because it charges their ever draining phone battery which supports their need to communicate, share photos, blog and much more.

Also, being made from recycled materials and being eco friendly, will satisfy hipsters as their
needs, wants and demands
are being met.

Hipsters ‘cherry pick’ elements from
different subcultures and fringe
movements to make their own unique image.

Hipsters are known as free thinkers, down to earth, expressive and artistic individuals...

Hipsters 'cherry pick' elements from other subcultures such as hippie, punk, grunge, anime and gay styles of fashion.

Geographic Segmentation:
Dividing the market into different geographical segments such as a certain city’s or suburbs.
The eco charger is available to the wider population and in cities where hipsters are located such as Newtown, Nimbin, Enmore and Bondi.

The Eco charger aims to achieve
high quality power
by the use of
sustainable, efficient clean energy.

Eco Tec aims to achieve building a company that will one day have a good reputation for being Australia’s best eco charger.

Hipsters rely on their phones and social media in everyday life.

Promotion method of online media and e-commerce as it would be most successful in reaching our target market.

Direct marketing enables the business to communicate straight to the consumers which helps develop positive reviews, brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

Advertising will be in hipster magazines such as Frankie, emails, promotions on social media sites, the brand website, twitter, at cafes, electronic stores such as JB-Hifi and specialty shops such as ‘Happy High Herbs’.

Promotion vans will be used giving away discounts for the online store and free Hipster gear in Hipster hotspots such as Newtown and Glebe.

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- ‘Real Hipsters don’t call themselves Hipsters’ The In Between Girls, viewed 27 April, http://theinbetweengirls.com/2012/04/15/real-hipsters-dont-call-themselves-hipsters/
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Strategy for selling the Eco Charger is penetration because the Hipsters go along with trends but they do not want to be seen as conformists.
The distribution of the Eco Charger will be
selective distribution
which will be most beneficial as the retailers will be specifically chosen from where most hipsters shop.

Eco chargers will be sold at the retailer JB HI FI, as well as Tree of Life, Glue and General pants, as these are the retailers which hipsters usually shop at.
Hipsters demographics are widely range compared to other ‘tribes’.

Most are teenagers or young adults from mixed cultural backgrounds, mixed genders and sexual orientation and different ways
of their lifestyles.
eCo Charger
will be known by all hipsters, mostly through word of mouth and will be purchased for occasions such as birthdays, music festivals and Christmas.
Influences on Behaviour
The main behaviour that affects hipsters is personal beliefs shaped by culture, age, gender etc.

Hipsters are influenced by cultural values, e.g. being ‘green’ where they can.
Innovative product. W
ireless charger, speakers for music and customisable covers.
Product specifications.
High quality product made from recycled materials and it runs upon solar power.

Lack of awareness. N
o established brand or a loyal customer basis due to new company. It will take time to establish the product through media, word of mouth etc.

Increased demand.

2. Opportunity to
expand into other target markets

The economy.
The economy remains unpredictable.
As the technological products that the charger is designed for, such as smartphones are constantly updated, the
Eco Charger
will need to upgrade and develop with the new models so other companies do not copy the eco charger unique technology.

The Brand
eCo Tec is passionate about creating innovative, eco friendly alternates to the ever growing technology market.

The Product
The eCo Charger came from combining the most innovative minds, down to earth designs and recyclable, biodegradable materials to create one stunning ecofriendly charging device.

Through the release of the eCo Charger, Eco Tec aims to increase market share, increase profits as well as satisfying each customer.
Segmentation Variables and Influences on Behaviour
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