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Peter Divianszky

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

Haskell Courses
Taught purely functional programming full time since 2006.

I am the main author of a collection of several hundred systematized Haskell exercises used at ELTE.
Yearly 200 students learn from it.

Agda Courses
Taught Agda since 2010.

I am the main author of the (currently) most practical Agda tutorial.

Standard Chartered Bank
Worked for 10 months at SC in Singapore.

Task: Implement graphical user interfaces for traders in Haskell.

I was evaluated as "high-potential talent".
MTA Atomki
Writing Haskell program supporting quantum informatics research at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Inst. for Nuclear Research.

Computing high-dimensional Bell-polytops with Haskell.

Master's Thesis
Designed and implemented a
Constructive Solid Geometry model
in Clean (a purely functional language).
Began a PhD in financial mathematics and neural networks at Radboud Univ. Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Stopped after half a year because I've realized I wanted to do research in functional programming.

Before that I've tried to implement it in C, C++ and then Java, but its complexity was too high.
During my MSc, I taught

Linear Algebra
Differential Geometry

MSc in Mathematics
at University of Debrecen

I swam across the Balaton for the first time
Began to learn Hungarian folk dances
Be used to use the bike as a means of transport
Haskell-Clean compiler
Modified the Clean compiler fronted such that it could read and compile Haskell modules too.

Pushed this approach to its limits. The compiler was advertised in the Clean Homepage (http://wiki.clean.cs.ru.nl/Clean) until it was replaced by a better tool.
Developed a parsing combinator library in Clean for parsing in the compiler.
PhD in Informatics
Began PhD studies at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest in 2003.

Topic: References in Pure Functional Languages

The defense of the thesis was on 5 Dec 2013
"summa cum laude"
I am the main author of ActiveHs, an interactive online evaluation and testing system.

Safe and efficient online evaluation of Haskell expressions
DSL for drawing with an efficient implementation
Visualization of numeric functions
Evaluation of exercises by property-based tests
Taught Assembly and Compilers during 2003-2006 at ELTE.

Hitchhiked Budapest-Porto-Paris in 3 weeks
Climbed the highest point of Poland from 2 directions on the same day
Travel from Beijing to Hungary via Mongolia by train in 30 days
Agda Compiler
Refactored the Agda compiler interactive front-end.
Lens-based FRP
Working on a completion of Functional Reactive Programming.

The goal is to give high-level description of timeless FRP nodes.

Number of patches submitted to the Agda compiler

2168 Ulf Norell
1448 Nils Anders Danielsson
788 Andreas Abel
68 Péter Diviánszky
68 Dominique Devriese
63 Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
24 ...

Expected dimension to reach was 400.
I could go far beyond with streaming techniques.

This is just one coordinate of one vertex of a polytop in a 12100 dimensional space:

began to draw
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