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Yeast Breads

No description

Rei ism

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Yeast Breads

Yeast Chapter Seven: Yeast Breads Types of yeast Compressed Yeast Mixture of yeast and starch Moisture content of 70% Usually soften in twice its weight in warm water before adding to dough Dry Yeast Yeast that has had all its moisture removed by hot air
Can be stored for months without refrigeration By: Ray Hosaka Active Dry Instant Dry Rehydrated in lukewarm water (110°F[43°C]) before adding to dough Can be added directly to dough Fresh compressed yeast should be creamy white with a fresh, yeasty smell One celled microscopic fungus
Present virtually anywhere
Main leavening agent of yeast breads
Fermentation Yeast + Carbohydrates = Alcohol + CO² Sourdough Starters Production Stages for Yeast Breads Scaling Mixing and Kneading Fermenting the dough Straight Dough Most common mixing method
All the ingredients are simply combined and mixed Pre-fermenttion Methods Two step mixing process
Portion of the flour, water, and yeast are allowed to ferment to help improve flavor, color, and crust then mixed into the dough Punching the down the dough Portioning the dough Rounding the portions Shaping the portions Proofing the Products Ideal temperature is between 80° to 115°F with some humidity to prevent the dough from drying out or forming a crust Baking the Products Cooling and Storing Finished Products
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