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No description

Jamis Hall

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Bloodflowers

W.D. Valgardson Bloodflowers About the Author So, What Happened? Setting and Atmosphere Social Issues Symbolism grew up in the small, isolated town of Gibli, Manitoba
subjected to lots of religious and superstitious influences
known for writing stories that focus on differences in cultures isolated island, closed community that lives very simply
no social services (i.e. doctors, police..)
very few buildings, just smooth rock, steep cliffs and blood flowers
"...three quarters of the islands shoreline fell steeply into the sea..."
setting creates atmosphere of desolation, isolation, and this eery suggestion of something bad coming conflict stems from social issues
villagers isolation from modern world has caused them to revert back to primitive methods of living
Danny's introduction to this community adds contrast to how abnormal their situation is
isolation has caused them to create own system of living that contrasts societal norms (no laws, no rules) Bloodflowers/ Picking the Bloodflowers Danny moves to an isolated island community to accept a teaching job. Danny picks a bloodflower, only to find out it is considered bad luck to the islanders.
Discovers mysterious superstition of the islanders that bad things happen in three's. A lady recently died... Danny shared an eery story with his hosts about a village that sacrificed their king
Two more people die, everyone is relieved (Sick Jack and a fisherman).
Danny moves in with Adel
Then,the fishermans wife kills herself.
Danny get's sick, his job is replaced, and he never goes back to work.
Danny wants to leave to marry Adel, but the villagers will not let him leave, pretending the radio is broken, and chaining the boats to the docks. throughout the story, it is revealed that Danny wasn't truly needed as a teacher.
the villagers dark intentions with Danny are clarified through dialogue.
villagers will not let Danny leave, as they need him as a scapegoat for their problems (someone to blame) Connection--> "The Lamp at Noon" both stories share the same theme: the effects of isolation and alienation on character
authors illustrate how desperation causes individuals to act extremely (with hopes that things can improve). symbolizes Danny's hopelessness, misfortune, and impending doom Story of the Sacrificial King Symbolizes the villagers using Danny as a scapegoat for their problems 2. The islanders have a strong belief that bad things ____ __ _. Therefore, one death must be followed by two more. 5. Danny's vision of thousands of bloodflowers solidifies his ____, and makes him realize he is never getting off the island. 3. A large part of Danny's difficulty leaving the island is its lack of ___________ and extreme weather. 4. The story of the sacrificial king symbolizes and foreshadows ___________? 1. Valgardson's background influenced "Bloodflowers" because both his place of birth and the story's setting are ________? Isolated Come in 3's Resources/communications Danny, and how he is being used as a scapegoat for the islanders problems Fate Pop Quiz! Significance of conclusion solidifies Danny's fate (never leaving the island)
clarifies intentions of villagers as well as the meaning/symbolism behind the bloodflowers (and title).
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