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Ricardo M

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Propaganda

Propaganda during WWII
Table of Contents
U.S. Propaganda
Nazi Propaganda
1) Intro
3)Social Concerns
4)U.S. propaganda
5)Nazi propaganda
6)Japanese propaganda
8) Propaganda in movies
9)Questions to address

Japanese Propaganda
Social Concerns
Questions to Address
When people think about WWII they think about :

What about propaganda ?
Not many people really know that propaganda was and is a weapon and tactic in any war.
The U.S. wasn't the only country that used propaganda. Many countries used propaganda. Propaganda was used to stir up emotions for the people at home
Propaganda was very common in WWII. Every country in WII used propaganda. It was shown in posters , movies, radio , and on leaflets. Propaganda is and will always be a main weapon and tactic in a conflict.
Propaganda was made so that people would feel mad , sad , proud ,or make them feel bad.
Countries wanted people's support at home.
In WWII the governments in a war wanted people to buy war bonds.
Propaganda has been used centuries ago. Even ancient Greece used to publish papers to sway the public.
Often , the opposite country in a war would spy on the other side's propaganda to compare or to steal their ideas.
Propaganda was extremely important for the U.S. in WWII.
In 1942 the U.S. government created the Office of War Information (OWI) to make and spread the government's message . Artist and filmmakers were hired to take the government's objectives to turn it into a propaganda campaign.
American propaganda was equally important to the war as making bullets.
The U.S. government produced posters , pamphlets, newsreels, radio shows and movies , all designed that was 100% behind war effort.
Germany propaganda emphasized the skill of German arms and the humanity of German soldiers had shown to the people of occupied territories.
British and Allied forces were seen was cowardly murderers .
Most Propaganda in Germany was produced by the Ministry for Public Enlightenment.
Nazi propaganda showed Hitler as a true German man. It showed that Hitler had traits like courage and manliness.
The government of Japan required most artist to produce only pro-Japan propaganda.
Japan's propaganda showed their strength and the weakness of the allied forces.
A propaganda of
a samurai gave the Japanese moral and strength. It gave them nationalism.
Japan wanted the Allied forces to loose hope.
Propaganda often exaggerated about countries
110,000 Japanese Americans had to leave their homes and move to detention camps.
Italian Americans were very badly discriminated and some business men were executed.
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Aerial Leaflets
Propaganda in Movies
The O.W.I asked Hollywood to make movies to make the Allied Powers look good and make the Axis Powers look bad.
Propaganda in movies was meant to sway the public even more.
Also it was a form of entertainment.
Disney produced a short showing of Donald Duck incapacitating Hitler with a ripe tomato.
The Allied Air Forces dropped millions of leaflets over Nazi Germany
A leaflet is a sheet of paper , sometimes folded, containing information.
Example :
In the movie Anne Frank, Germany dropped leaflets in her town
Both Allied and Axis powers used aerial leaflets
Aerial leaflets are propaganda too because it was meant to sway the public and make them loose hope
An adjective I would describe my topic would be emotional because propaganda was made so the public has an certain opinion. When people saw kids in need for a war bond poster, people were more likely to buy one. Also when the public saw the Axis Powers as murderers , they would get mad against them.
Before I had done this project I didn't know propaganda in ww2 was that important. My opinion changed a lot because I didn't know much about it. Now i know that propaganda was a main weapon of WWII.
Propaganda was a main weapon in WWII.
It was a way to sway the public.
Each countries propaganda was different.
Countries used Propaganda to make the other side look bad.
Every country in a war used
propaganda. Propaganda did affect the outcome of WWII.
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