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Run-on Sentences

This is a presentation for a 4th grade class on run-on sentences. Review.

Cassandra Rogers

on 24 January 2012

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Transcript of Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentences What are they? How do we spot them? How do we fix them? How do we stop using
them when we write? They have at least two parts, either one of which can
stand by itself (in other words, two independent
clauses), but the two parts have been smooshed
together instead of being properly connected. By looking at the sentences and reading what is actually there. Asking ourselves questions. Who is the subject? What is going on? Is there more than one thought? Do you pause when there is no punctuation? Rewrite it as one thought. Make it into two sentences. Add a comma and a conjunction. for and nor but or yet so fanboys Turn off your brain and read what you wrote. Do not read it the way you thought you wrote it. Know what you are trying to say. Let someone else read it. Accept that you will not have the
perfect paper on the first try. Edit.Edit.Edit. conjunctions: .....unless it is during the TAKS test...
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