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Kurtis Wismer - Professional Portfolio

No description

Kurt Wismer

on 17 April 2012

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Transcript of Kurtis Wismer - Professional Portfolio

Kurtis Wismer
Professional Portfolio Educational Experience Industry Experience Personal Interests Substitue Teaching
Nov. 2010 - Mar. 2011 Seymour
Community High School Algoma
School District Hortonville
School District Kimberly Area
School District Oshkosh Area
School District My philosophy on life...as an image: Contact: wismerkurt@gmail.com
Phone: 920-740-6109
Linked In: www.linkedin.com/pub/kurt-wismer/8/1a1/9a5
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wismerkurt Aug. 2000 - June 2008 March 2011-June 2011 Classes Taught: 5th Grade Keyboarding
6th Grade Computer Applications
Employability Skills/Personal Finance
Accounting 1
Microsoft Applications
Introduction to Business
8th Grade Exploring Business Algoma FBLA Advisor Advised Student Officers
Coordinated Monthly Meetings
Attended State Leadership Conference with Members Activities & Innovations: Guest Teacher for a Maternity Leave The idea: Be the best at what you do, but don't forget to stop and enjoy life. The Goal: To be my own self,
at my very best, all the time. Infused my experiences into an established and quality curriculum.
Involved new technologies (such as prezi and other Web 2.0 functions).
Reorganized and developed a new and hands on approach to the marketing unit in Introduction to Business. Established durable and authentic learning experiences. Personal Assessment: Evaluated my personal teaching through authentic feedback opportunities and student achievement in performance and testing. Classes Taught: Marketing 1
Marketing 2 - School Store Management
Consumer Education (Investment & Finance)
Computer Information Processing 1 & 2
International Business Activities & Innovations: Developed new curriculum for Marketing 1 to reflect current industry practices.
Introduced and created International Business course as a new elective to students.
Discontinued the 9th grade Entrepreneurship class.
Sought grants and started a School-Based Enterprise (the ThunderZone). Marketing 2 was created as management of the enterprise. Marketing 1 students were also employees.
Sought grants to create a mobile kiosk for the enterprise at sporting events.
Coordinated with local grocery store to display and sell products at their location. Seymour FBLA Co-Advisor Provided hands on and authentic applications and extentions of the curriculum.
Coordinated involvment and activities with the Seymour Chamber of Commerce.
Advised and accompanied students on a variety of excursions and competitions at the local, state and national level.
Advised a State Officer and coordinated activities for FBLA Wisconsin as State Officer Advisor. Recognition: Nominated twice for the Golden Apple Teaching Award by students.
Nominated once for the Herb Kohl Teaching Award by administration and peers. Activities & Responsibilities Developed the business plan and organizational structure for the initial startup within the family business.
Worked closely with marketing specialists in identity, logo development, and marketing materials. Created and managed web-based solutions for www.berhoffhomes.com. All graphics and artwork created using Macromedia Suite Software Created and assisted with trade show development and operations. Sales, customer management and general contractor for energy efficient homes including Zero-Net Energy homes with no utility bills, Wisconsin Green Built and US Green Building Council LEED-H certified homes.
Presented at Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and Midwest Renewable Energy Association sponsored seminars and events on energy efficient building practices and renewable energy best practices. Developed secondary business structure under BerHoff Homes, LLC to provide renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to residential, agricultural and commercial entities. All graphics and artwork created using Macromedia Suite Software Created and managed web-based solutions for www.solarbach.com. Created and managed specific marketing and promotional initiatives.
Worked at and aided in the development of all VHBA Parade of Homes entries for BerHoff Homes.
Provided professional management, marketing and customer relations input to the owner on a daily basis. Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2010 Original Promotional Materials Created Mountain Biker Concious Foodie Boy's & Girl's Brigade Husband Voracious Appetite for Music Life-long Learner Organic Foods Locally & Naturally Fed, Humanely Raised Meats No Growth Hormones or Modified Foods We are self-sufficient on
all our own vegetables Our garden... Camp Onaway Youth Leader Volunteer ThunderZone Financials for 2008 Income $29,198.46
Net Income $2,633.68
All profits distributed as scholarships and reinvested into the business. Adjunct Instructor Retail Principles Instructed the skill and know how necessary for entry into a mid-management level position in retailing.
Analyzes the role and development of retailing.
Furthered study by the encompasses of organizations, buying and selling behavior, human resources, store location and layout, retail theft, promotion and financial control. Relate the marketing concept to retailing, with an emphasis on the total retailing experience, customer service and relationship retailing.
Study how retailer institutions are evolving in response to the challenges they face.
Show the ways in which retail institutions can be classified.
Examine characteristics of a wide variety of retail institutions involved with traditional and non-traditional formats and strategic mix.
Examine the consumer decision making process.
Describe a number of demographic and life-style factors and describes how these concepts can be applied to retailing.
Demonstrate the importance of store location and outline the process for choosing a store location.
Examine the types of locations available to retailers.
Describe the human resource function and practices in retailing.
Describe how a retailers image is related to atmosphere it creates via its exterior, interior, and store layout.
Consider the impact of internal and external theft on retail institutions. Course Objectives Created:
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