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History- The 1920's

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Sarah Anderson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of History- The 1920's

The 1920's Technology In Norway, in 1926 Aerosol Sprays were introduced by Erik Rotheim In England in 1928,
a man by the name
of Alexander Fleming
introduced the world
to the first Antibiotics. In 1923 the the first televison was released follwed by the first color television in 1927 In 1920 in Germany,
we were introduced
to the first Hair dryer. In 1923 the first hearing aid was invented. In 1928, Philip Drinker invented the Ironlung. Frozen food became available in 1924. Clothes Women begin to wear pants in public, and the cloche hat and flapper dress become popular, while older girls were seen wearing items such as cotton frocks, cardigan sweaters, and canvas shoes or sandals. Flannel also became popular during this time period Men began to wear “knickers” and two-toned white and tan or white and black shoes for casual wear, however, black patented leather shoes were still worn for more formal dress. lace-up styled shoe was becoming more and more popular for men. Baby and toddler clothes also changed, they became more relaxed. Rompers and short dresses replaced the uncomfortable frills of the time before. People Al Capone He is best known for his anti-prohibition actions.
He owned and ran many speakeasies, and was part of the "Five points gang" in Manhattan. Duke Ellington He was a Jazz artist whos career was 50 years long and covered 5 genres. He conducted orchestra and was in a Big Band. Music Jazz became the popular music of the 20's accomanied by a dance called the Charleston. Toys! For Boys, the toys were all about the new and exciting, like cars and planes. While girls, stuck with the conventional choices of teddy bears, dolls, and doll houses. This was also the first time that toys were mass produced, and made from pressed tin. Now boys have pedal cars rather than just toy ones. Bibliography:
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