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The Panama Canal


Bon Bon Latifa

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal It is often called the greatest Engineering feat, but likewise, it is often called the greatest Liberty ever taken with nature. It took 34 years to build, and
over that course, 27,000 people lost their lives, and another 50,000 were driven from their homes.
It officially opened on August 15th, 1914 The business side of things worked well. It allowed goods to get where they need to be faster, shortening their trip. An Example, a ship sailing from San Francisco, California to New York, could cut the trip by 13,000 miles using the Panama Canal, traveling a little over 5,000 miles. This makes shipping goods cheaper, and implies that those savings are passed on to the Consumer. But that is not always the case. However, the name "Greatest Liberty ever taken with Nature" is not for show. Tropical Rain Forests and hills covered the area where the Canal now sits. The once undisturbed Panama Rainforest is now submerged in water.

Many ask the same questions. How many species died out when the rainforest went underwater? But another problem is less known. Filling and emptying the locks that work the Panama Canal require an immense amount of water. This eliminates Rural Communities, entire valleys and Mountain sides. With this in mind. They are planning an expansion to the Panama Canal. The "Third Set Locks Project." What damage would this cause to the already hurting life surrounding the canal?
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