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Louis Armstrong

No description

joan acebedo

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong He was born August 04 1901 Born in New Orleans Louisiana He was poor in a poor family His mother who often turned to prostitution frequently left him with his maternal grandmother. He was born and raised in the ghetto At age 5 he returned to his mother He attended Fisk School for Boys. He got his first exposure to Creole music at that school. He worked at a restaurant He would sing and dance to earn money After dropping out of school at an age of eleven in 1912 he joined a quartet of boys who sang in the streets. He also worked for a Lithuanian-Jewish immigrant family, the Karnofskys, who owned a junk business and gave him a job. What a Wonderful World, Hello Dolly, Potato Head Blues, Names of his parents were William and Mary Armstrong He performed at the National Press Club in Washington, celebrating the inauguration of fellow Louisiana native Vernon Louciere as the clubs president. His last hit was “What a Wonderful World”.
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