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Top Ten ways to know that you might be a traveling librarian.

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Glenna Reisner

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Top Ten ways to know that you might be a traveling librarian.

If you call all the kids Sweetie and Honey because you can’t remember their names... If you have two bosses that are as different as night and day...... If your aide constantly has to tell callers, "No, she's at her other school today... then you might be
a traveling librarian! If you forget where you're going on your way to work... If you wear the same outfit two days in a row and no one notices...... If you administer TAKS benchmarks and tests 15-18 times during the school year... If you have to bring your laptop, cord, binders, notebooks, toothbrush, extra underwear, makeup, instant coffee, and snacks in your rolly cart... If you call the library aide the wrong name half the time... If you are looking for a book you KNOW is in your collection only to realize it's at the other campus... If expertise in code deciphering is required to make sense of your desk calendar... If you have TWICE as many kids to teach, assist, and love!!! And the number ONE way to know you might be a traveling librarian... Images from www.peoplelearn.homestead.com
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