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Hammurabi code

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Anand Sodkhuu

on 20 October 2011

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Transcript of Hammurabi code

Hammurabi's code
Who is Hammurabi Hammurabi was a first dynasty king of the city of Babylon, and inherited the power from his father. Sin-Mubalit, in 1792 BC. Hammurabi was born in 1792 BC And died 1750 BC in age 42
Why did hammurabi write the code of hammurabi?

Hammurabi wrote his code of law to help control his empire.

When did Hammurabi write the Code of Hammurabi?

It been written between 1727 BCE and 1680 BCE.

Why did Hammurabi create the Hammurabi Code?
because some people thought the law was unfair and they wrote the ones that were fair and unfair down. How many codes are in Hammurabi's code?
Their are 282 codes What is hammurabis code?

It is One of the Oldest laws found. It is also the Most important. It was found In Present Day Iraq and There are seven stones with 282+

Babylon Where is Babylon?
It's in Iraq, south to Baghdad.

Connection between the
king and the god. Hammurabi had right motives for producing these laws that he believed Marduk, the chief god of Babylon, had given him the commission to write, many of the laws seemed strict, harsh and, cruel. Health care The technology was not that good in ancient time, so only docter was last hope. if the docter killes
a poor people for health
reason, the doctor can pay.
But the docter killes a rich
person for some reason they
will cut the docter's hand. Woman and the family The woman can't made many
choices in marrige If the wife wants to end
there marriage, only the
husband have to agree because man have more
power to make a choice
in marrige criminal justice system The law of hammurabi was tight so they have to follow the law of hammurabi. If not they will cut there hand. Job Hammurabi clearly indicated that a certain labor gets a fair price which is same. It seems that the rule imply to everyone in that specific division gets the same wage. In this code and lawes were estemly
strict it didn't matter if you were rich or poor. If one broke the law they would be put
to death, and also who receives the stolen
thing from him shall be put to death as will. Babylon rise by rule of hammurabi's rule in 1792 BCE decrease around 331 BCE It shows rules and punishments if those rules are defied. It focuses on theft, farming (or shepherding), property damage, women's rights, marriage rights, children's rights, slave rights, and murder, death, and injury. The punishment is different for different classes of offenders and victims. The laws do not accept excuses or explanations for mistakes or fault: the Code was openly displayed for all to see, so no man could plead ignorance of the law as an excuse. Few people, however, could read in that era (mainly scribes). Definition of a ' code of law' High class : preits , king , royalties Middle class : merchants , social workers like jugdes Low class : slaves Sin-Muballit Hammurabi's father
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