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Mobile Learning: Integrating iPads into the History classroo

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Caitlin Lamour

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Learning: Integrating iPads into the History classroo

Mobile Learning: Integrating iPads into the History classroom
The problem
The strategy
The findings
The iPad has found a place in social, professional and educational aspects of society
Educational use.....
Studies show that student engagement increases significantly when using iPads
Do you want this....
or this....
Studies show engagement and motivation increases when mobile devices are used in the classroom
2010 Victoria's 'iPads for Learning' project
“iPads provide students with the best in innovating learning technology” (Premier of Victoria, 2010)

iPads assists in recording and recalling information, consolidating and extending knowledge and reflecting on learning
The iPad brings a new dimension to the classroom through its portability and the apps it comes with!
When used effectively to enhance the curriculum and content, student engagement is enhanced...
Apps such as:
Historically based apps
Recording and creating
Creating and Presenting
iPads encourage collaborative, student centered approaches
iPads are inherently designed to allow users to ‘create’ by facilitating “programming, filming, animating, blogging, video blogging. mixing, re-mixing, wiki-ing, publishing, video-casting, podcasting, directing and broadcasting” (Churches, 2009, p. 7)
Our role is to prepare our students to take on meaningful roles in a 21st century society.
We must give out students experiences which will prepare them for that...
Guess what?
Technology is here to stay!
How can we improve our use of it?
Integrating iPads
Integrating iPads
Teacher training is the key
Professional development in how to use iPads effectively
An understanding of the impact technology can have
Provide examples of classroom activities
iMovie -
Show Me, Explain Everything, Educreations -

Strip Design -
PicCollage -
VideoScribe -

create documentaries

create interactive presentations
create cartoon strips
create visual representations
create engaging explanations

Your feedback is appreciated!
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