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No description

Megan Pinney

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Aphrodite

Aphrodite also recognized as Ishtar or Astrarte As the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, Aphrodite had some crazy powers and responsibilities which came along with them. Powers and Responsibilities Responsibilities include: Powers were associated with fertility, growth/ harvesting of crops, war, descent to the underworld, birth, life, death, love and fate. Powers: Aphrodite was worshiped as a sacred prostitute Worship of the Deity Aphrodisaic Festival Another way to worship Aphrodite was in the temple. Temples that worshipped Aphrodite collected donations from men who wanted to have "relations" with the preistessess of Aphrodite. This was called sacred prostitution. Aphrodite was portrayed as being "inescapable" This means that, at one time or another, everyone would worship Aphrodite. Women would worship her because she represented sexual and cultural freedom. Women in that time wanted to be independant and Aphrodite was the perfect godess to portray that. Men would worship her to justify having "relations" with temple prostitutes, although some of the men were already married. Cities associated with Aphrodite As the goddess of war, she was affiliated with Sparta, Thebes, Cyprus and many other places.
There's also a city called Aphrodisias, Turkey that was named after Aphrodite
As I stated before, Aphrodite was worshiped throughout Greece and Asia and she had numerous temples. One on the cities that included one of her temples was Peloponnesos. To make people fall in love
look over the world
look over women having children
help people have true beauty and love was a festival to celebrate Aphrodite. It was held in many places around Greece, although the largest festivals were found in Athens and Corinth. Myth Iapetus Prometheus Atlas Epimetheus Diona Zues Aphrodite Maia Zues Hermea Aphrodite was never attached to any specific father. Her children include: Aneas
Rhodos Aphrodite was a factor in the Trojan war. Zues forced Paris, the Trojan prince, to decide which of the 3 goddesses is the fairest. This decision was between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Each Goddess bribes Paris with gifts. Aphrodite had the best offer in the eyes of Paris. Aphrodite promised that she would give him the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris declared Aphrodite the fairest out of the goddesses and Aphrodite kept her word by helping him get Helen, Menelaus' wife from Sparta. Paris took Helen back to Troy with him and that moment marked the beginning of the Trojan War. Little Known facts about Aphrodite Aphrodite was born from sea foam in the ocean and arose as a fully developed woman.
Aphrodite's interests originate from mature, adult relationships, romance, beauty, and the arts
She is said to be "older than time"
valued emotional experiences
wasn't attracted to permanent, lasting relationships
admired creative, masculine, strong, successful men
romantic interests were usually a generation younger than her age Hephaestus
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