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No description

thames thames

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of spiders

Spiders belong to a arachnids.Scorpions,mites,and ticks aremites,and ticks are also part of the arachnid family.
group of animals
In my holiday i visited America museum of natural history.I watched a very nice exhibition about spiders .I sow a lot of different types.
black widow spider
they eat insects that they catch in there web such as flies,grasshoppers,beetles and mosquitos.sometimes the female will kill and
eat the male wich
is how the black
widow got its name
these are some pictures
of spider
but all have something the same:

four pairs of legs
a pair of pedipalps
there are 30
thousand types spiders
not all spiders are
but this ones are:
i realy like spiders
the end
view: can have up 8 eyespot.some species are blind.
smell: though chemical sensor that are on the front legs.
breathing: some species have lungs.others have two or four foliaceous lungs
Eder fabio
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