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1st presentation : hypothesis, procedure, question

Ammie Wang

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Insomnia:GLV

Will lettuce seeds, under no other irrigation methods than rain, have more successful growth rates, if water channels are created??
Insomnia: Patrize Aguilar, Faith Lane, Anita On, Lexi Spilsbury, Ammie Wang
Rainwater Irrigation
If lettuce seeds are provided with the irrigation system previously described, then they will have more successful growth rates. We think this because if plant seeds intake just the correct amount of precipitation that is necessary for their growth, they will be able grow more efficiently.
If so, please give some ideas for procedure.
Gather materials
Design flow channels
Order bins & label the controlled bin (without irrigation system)
Put 4 cm of soil into bins
Insert tubes into soil
Create the flow channels
Insert the seeds (20) in same areas (in both bins)
Correctly water the seeds every day
Record results and observations daily
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