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Cartography Inquirer

No description

Aliah Jones

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Cartography Inquirer

We're in for a bumpy ride with this map that shows the various landforms of Arkansas. You will notice the bodies of water, mountains, valleys, ridges, and elevation. This map gives us a visual for the "lay of the land." What kind of map is this?
Whether or not you think so, these maps help us every day!
What type of map is this?
Seeing the Beauty of Our Land
Reaping the Benefits
An Accurate Reading
Reading these maps help us better understand the environment around us. Do I need a rain jacket, can I expect to wear sunglasses, or what might winter bring us? When reading these maps, be assured that you will be prepared. No matter what the weather!
September 9, 2016
VOL. DX, Issue I
Our Great State!
Piecing together the Colors
Geologists LOVE these!
To Top it Off!
Cartography Inquirer
Did you know that there are 75 counties within the state of Arkansas? When traveling to
different parts of Arkansas, you are not only traveling to a different city, but in some instances, you could be visiting a new county. For example, when driving from Springdale to Rogers, you do just that! Where you were once in Washington County, when you hit Rogers' city limits, you enter Benton County! This map shows all of the counties of Arkansas which includes their borders and names. Not only do you see the counties, but the regions of each map are also indicated by color. What kind of map are you looking at?
These maps help the reader understand all that an area has to offer. Naturally, there will be many variations of this type of map due to the multiple products available by our beautiful Mother Earth.
Curvy, swervy, and topsy-turvy may be how one
would describe this type of map. The contour lines can really throw the reader off. But don't be weary, each line and the distance between serves a purpose. Between each line indicates the slope of elevation in a particular area. As you can see from this map, to the left of the Devil's Den Visitor Center, one could expect a heftier hike. There are definitely more hills to be prepared for! All in all, this map is a serious contender for geologic enthusiasts everywhere!
Can you identify each map in the slide show?
1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?
5) ?
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