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Butterfly Effect

No description

Jimin Kim

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Butterfly Effect

Our type of pollution that are harming our environment is caused by 'Butterfly Effect'. As we explained, the butterfly effect brings unexpected results such as bad chemicals effecting fishes and humans' health. Trash floats into the sea and it brings water pollution.

So the water pollution and food contami-nation effects our environment. Who is responsible for this is of course a human as usual. We cannot say who the most. Because we are all responsible, we all need to care about the environmental problems.The man threw the cigarette in the sea and the situation happened.
What types of pollution are harming our environment and who is responsible for this?
When people throw away the trash such as cigarette, plastic bag, snack pack in the sea unconsciously, the sea creatures can get affected by eat those trash. And when a sea creature eat it, it might get sick and it might extinct and ruin the food chain. Also, when we eat a sea creature that ate sea trash, we can also get sick.

Butterfly Effect
What is Butterfly Effect?
The Butterfly Effect means any small thing make unexpected big events. For example...
How does the pollution affect Jeju/South Korea?
What are the consequences for humans/the earth, if we don't start taking better care of the environment?
"Small Things can Lead to the Great Chaos"
Water Pollution: Contamination of bodies of water (oceans, seas, lake, rivers, etc)

1. Lead Poisoning - Medical condition caused by increased levels of heavy metal lead in the body
2. Schools of Fish Dying - Chemicals gets inside of the gills and makes them harder to breathe.
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Butterfly Flaps -> a bug falls off -> falls onto a horse -> tail twitched -> hit a pebble -> pebble falls into a dam -> dam breaks -> water path changes -> rocks from the mountain falls -> into the ocean -> hits a volcano -> EXPLOSION
And this all happened because of a helpless butterfly
Our Example
Water pollution/trash based:
Man throws an cigarette unconsciously -> wind moves cigarette -> cigarette falls into sewer -> sewer brings the trash into ocean (Water Pollution) -> small fish eats the bad chemicals -> Bigger fish eats the small fish -> Humans eat the fish -> Humans are affected by the chemical from the fish -> malformation
What can Branksome students do to help prevent pollution?

Branksome students can help prevent water pollution by not throwing away trash in the place they shouldn't be throwing away including the sea. Then, we can prevent water pollution that happened because of the sea trash and the bad effects that happened to the sea creature that ate sea trash.
What can Branksome students do to help clean up the environment?
What can Branksome students do to help clean up the environment?

Branksome students can help clean up the environment by picking up the trash that you can see and throw it in the right place which is a garbage can .
The Problem
The water pollution can harm the creatures and ecosystem in the world, including Jeju/South Korea. We have the beautiful ocean around Jeju/South Korea, and the ocean gives us lots of benefits. If the water is polluted, the businesses related with water will not work well, and the economy system will also collapse.
There are way more problems that pollution and other environment problems are causing, and if this continues, both ecosystem and economy system will collapse and the Earth will be destroyed. All of us need to work on and care about the environmental problems.

Sea Turtle dies because of eating
plastic bags that was thought to
be jelly fish.
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