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Meet Lily's Cupcakes!

from idea to a national brand

Lily cupcakes

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Meet Lily's Cupcakes!

come and meet...
How did we start?
what happened then?
What's next for Lily?
2008: the cupcake is conquering the world rapidly.

people are lining up for cupcakes in major cities...
Magnolia Bakery - NYC
Sprinkles -Los Angeles
Hummingbird Bakery - London
2009: Lily's Cupcakes is launched as first cupcake brand in the Netherlands
Lily's Cupcakes

premium quality
cupcakes available throughout the Netherlands and even across the border...
Den Haag
Lily's Cupcakes fulfill the need of young women to indulge themselves and their friends.
Lily's Cupcakes is a
brand with it's own
recognizable world
pure ingredients, high quality, indulgence and
enjoying together
Everything we do
is compared to
Lily's Cupcakes
2010: Lily's Cupcakes envisions some ambitious targets towards 2015
in the following movie ...
Lily's Cupcakes became a well known brand
besides the regular customers, we served clients as Sodexo, Bijenkorf, Licor 43, Marlies Dekkers, Net 5, Danie Bles and KPN Consultancy
... and developed into
a lifestyle brand. Besides cupcakes Lily also brings:
Lily's Cupcakes are made with love!
Porcelain home ware
Available in: Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Spain
recipe book
Digital greeting cards
via Post NL website
in progress: body care & cosmetics
(expected to launch October 2014)
and more to come
- home baking mixes
- kitchen appliances
Lily's Cupcakes received a lot of press attention
about who we are..
what we do...
and about the brand
publications in...

Lily's Cupcakes wants to grow!
from direct national
towards partnerships with
increase in sales
and availability
bringing the focus back to the love for cupcakes...
from handmade production by skilled
pastry chefs
to a new more efficient
production process in a highly qualified environment
: better margin
for all parties involved
Lily's Best Friends want to stay informed:

over 5.400 followers on Twitter
almost 2.000 likes on Facebook
2.000 members Newsletter
4.500 blog views p/month
10.000 unique visitors on the website p/month
2013: development and introduction of Lily's Cake Cups concept
2014: Develop a store-in-stores concept with a national partner
2013: Bringing Lily's Cupcakes brand experience to the next level
Giving a face to Lily's Cupcakes muse
Lily Hills
more and intensive commercial use of social media...
2014: Lily's Cupcakes steps into the European market by working together with local partners
Lily's Cupcakes City Tours
Lily's Cupcakes Stationary
2010: over 150.000 cupcakes sold
'Who is Lily' election!
an idea starts to develop...
succes by knowing who you are...
succes by aiming further then you dare to think...
a short introduction...
do's and dont's...
group of advisors
good solid agreements
grow strategy
use your network
know your strengths and weaknesses!

Celebrate your victories!
good luck and remember..
everything takes three times longer than you think...
don't doubt your knowlegde
Prepare for poverty
Start small, think big
same ingredients,
different concept
product USP's:
- Cheaper in production;
- easier to distribute;
- more manageable;
- suitable for other market sectors
- as well as target groups
How should ‘Lily’s Cake Cups’ be positioned in the market?
What is the proposition of Lily’s Cake Cups?
What is the target market of Lily’s Cake Cups?
Which market should be adjusted and by what means?
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