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Customer Care

(With a bit of Business Image)

David Sime

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Customer Care

(But we'll start by finishing off
Business Identity) What is the importance of Business Identity? Your Business Identity Benefits of Customer Care Effects of Service PROACTIVE 4 Points... Why did you (or Would you) use the features that you did?

•Your Business name
•Your Business logo
•Your Corporate Colours
•Your Strapline (if you used one) 1/ Effect on existing customers – are they going to come back?

2/ Effect on Reputation – are they going to recommend the business to others?

3/ Effect on potential new customers – will it be attractive to new customers?

4/ Effect on Profits and costs – what’s this going to do to the businesses sales and profits?

5/ Effect on Staff – how’s it going to affect staff morale? How can high standards
of customer care be
insured and implemented? Customer Care Creating a Professional Image Projecting a sense of Quality Becoming Recognisable and
Memorable to Customers Appealing to a Specific Target Market This could include – why did you use the colours you did? What image were you going for with them?
Were you trying to be similar or different to your competition?
Were you trying to be memorable like the companies we just looked at?
(Think of the other points you just wrote down) First Impressions... Quality Indicator... Guess the brand... Who's your market? Staff Induction Training Regular Discussions
with Staff REACTIVE Customer Comment Cards,
Feedback Forms and Surveys Staff Awards &
Employee of the Month Awards Customer Service
Charter Observation and Monotoring by Senior Staff Mystery Shoppers Performance Reviews Clear Rewards &
Procedures This is our last leson... but you're not done yet! Look at the submission chart
to find out what you still have to hand in ALL WORK HAS TO BE HANDED TO ME,
Everything In
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