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Software: Installations and Copyrights

No description

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Software: Installations and Copyrights

Software: Installations and Copyrights
Installation Basics
Uninstalling Software
Software Copyrights and Licenses

Download Software Installation
Download Software Installation
* Executable File Self-Installation
Next Topic:
Installation Basics
Installation Process:
Software Licenses
Software Licenses
Open Source Software
Download Software Installation
* Self-Executing Zip File
Distribution Disk Installation
Software Installation Process:
Software Licenses
Public Domain Software
Copy files from distribution disks to specified folders on the hard disk.
Uncompress files if they have been distributed in a compressed format.
Analyze the computer's resources such as processor speed, RAM capacity, and hard disk capacity.
Select appropriate device drivers, analyze hardware components and peripheral devices.
Look for any system files and players such as Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer, which are required to run the program but not supplied on the distribution disks.
Update necessary system files like Windows Registry and the Windows Program menu with information about the new software.
1. Insert the distribution disk, CD, or DVD.
2. Read the license agreement, if one is presented on the
3. You will be prompted to select between full and custom installation. Choose the installation option that best meets your needs.
4. Follow the instructions provided by the setup program to specify a folder to hold the new software program.
5. If the software includes multiple distribution disks, insert each one in the specified drive when the setup program tells you to do so.
6. When the setup is complete, begin the program that you just installed to make sure it works.
Compressed File Types
Installation Process:
* Manual Download and Installation
1. Downloaded files with a .zip extension must be located
on the hard disk.
2. Use a program such as WinZip to unzip it.
3. Execute the setup program and then acknowledge the
license agreement.
4. Specify the folder for the software files, and complete
the installation.
1. Follow the setup program prompts to acknowledge the
license agreement. The self-installing executable file
automatically unzips itself and starts the setup
2. Specify the folder where you want to save the software
files, and complete the installation.
1. The executable file must be started to automatically
unzip the software’s files.
2. Start the setup program manually and follow its
prompts to complete the installation.
Uninstalling Software
Ways to Uninstall a Software:
– delete the software’s files
Windows and Mac OS
– delete the software’s files
from various directories on the computer’s hard
Windows OS
uninstall routine is on the same menu as the program
use the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel
Software Copyrights
a form of legal protection that grants the author of an original ”work”
an exclusive right to copy, distribute, sell, and edit that work, except under special circumstances described by copyright laws
Software Licenses
License Agreement

a legal contract that defines the way in which a
computer program may be used
Techniques Validating Software License
shrink-wrap licenses
installation agreements
may be freely copied, distributed, and resold
not protected by copyright
Commercial Software
sold in computer stores or at Web sites
adheres closely to the limitations provided by copyright law
a copyrighted software that is available for free
allows you to use, copy, and distribute the software
a copyrighted software marketed under a “try before you buy” policy
allows you to copy and distribute the software
provide a low-cost marketing and distribution

may be sold or distributed free of charge
uncompiled program instructions are available to programmers who want to alter and improve the software

Examples: Linux, FreeBSD
Software: Development
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