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arshpreet dhaliwal

on 23 January 2014

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iPod Silhouette Campaign
Coca Cola
Target Market for I pod
Middle school ages to adults.
Who have access to computer and/or internet.
Who like listening music, take pictures and want easy access to the latest.
Life Cycle of I pod
Dominant in marketplace
I phone and I pad
Samsung and Google
High and increasing demand
Especially for latest models.
Apple: We can't keep up with demand.
Range from $80 up to $400
No discounts are offered
Premium Product
Coca Cola Target Market
Young adults to middle age people.
Even kids cannot resist it it is not recommended due to health reason.
Diet and no sugar products target older age group.
Power Ade for sporty group.
Winnie juice for children.
Coca Cola Life Cycle
The main rivals for Coca Cola Company are those brands which either are seconds in Coke sales or outsell Coca-Cola in some markets.
Internationally: Pepsi Co. & RC Cola by Dr Pepper Snapple Group.
Local Brands: Kola Real- Central & South America
Big Cola- Mexico
Inch Cola- Peru
Brand position
Positioned itself as the integral and crucial part of people's everyday life.
Through commercials, creates intimacy with consumers by evoking their memories.
Reasonably priced
Intensively distributed
Branding Strategy
Align with the self-motivate client sophistication and acceptability of modernization.
Relate product to global events. For example FIFA 2010 World Cup.
Related to the sense of joy, unity and togetherness. Hence targets FAMILY, HAPPINESS, CULTURE, SPORTS and MUSIC.
Viral on various social media including TWITTER, YouTube and FACEBOOK.
Engaged in community. For example, the promise to recycle plastic bottles gathered at 2012 London Olympics.
Acquire Inca Cola in Peru.
Available in cans, bottles and fountains.
As a part of marketing, recently launched a sustainable packaging program.
Branding Strategy
Integrating product under the name "i."
Known for creating innovative products.
With the creation of each new generation i Pod, the production for the last one is slowed down.
Focus on emotions.
Display Apple is about innovations, lifestyle, liberty, imagination, dreams and aspirations, and technology.
Care fully pick up its distributors.
Rolex Target Market
Luxury Product.
Men ages 25 to 54.
High income households.
Great spending power.
Full Time employment.
Educated consumers who cares about appearance.
Life Cycle
Dominant in marketplace.
In a survey, 90% of people named Rolex top brand.
Close competitors: Audemars Piguet
High prices and luxurious appearance build desire in every affordable household.
Brand Position
Branding Strategy
Rolex introduced wrist watch in the time of pocket watches.
Wide range of watches for every target group.
Do not sells watches in virtual world.
Limiting production even when the demand rises.
Pick dealers with high-end image, relatively large store, and attractive locations that can provide outstanding service such as Tourneau.
Do not allow retailers to put there name on watches- Tiffany.
Make only watches and do not license its brand.
Luxurious and Premium product.
First waterproof watch- "Oyster."
First manufacturer with the "Auto Dating Facility."
"Swiss Made"
Old is gold.
Range from $650 to $75,000.
New comes with outer cardboard and inner spring loader presentation box.
A watch band
Genuine Swiss red chronometer
Owner manual and warranty card
Old watches accessories matters
Target Market
Toyota target the aggregate market of the age between 18 to 70.
Uses different segments to reach the each particular consumers within target market.
Sports- Celcia and Solara
Off road- FJ Cruiser
Environment friendly- Prius
Family- Highlander
Small- Matrix
Affordable - Corolla
Luxury- Lexus
One among top three car manufacturer.
Tough competitors include: GM
Indirect competition from TAXIS and SUBWAY.
Life Cycle
Brand Positing
Branding Strategy
Product Map
Target Market
Males and females between the age of 17 to 60 with the household income level of $30,000 and up.
Appeals to different racial and ethnic group with an assortment of foreign and international films.
Targets 3 basic groups:
People too busy to go out and shop for movie.
People who are frequent movie renter and movie buff.
People who want to get get most value of there money.
Dominant in market place.
Direct competitors include: HBO GO, Apple TV
Amazon Prime, BlockBuster
Vudu, CinemaNow
Indirect competition from: YouTube, Stores, Cinema and On Demand TV.
Consumer Demand
Product Life Cycle
Ranging between growth and maturing stage.
Within next year and half Netflix will in the growth stage of media streaming and Netflix will accomplish this by offering more licensed internet TV, producing its own contents and competing with cable providers.
Brand Positing
Branding strategy
Unlike Blockbuster, no late or shipping fees.
It's own original programing.
Strategic alliances with studios to exclusive rights.
Video on demand and online streaming on multiple devices.
One month free trail.
First in online movie rental industry.
Viewed as reliable, convenient, easy to use, popular, exceptional quality and product variety.
Offer more on less.
Have something for everyone.
On the go on any device.
Affordable price, as low as $7.99 per month.
Product Map
Put luxurious and affordable cars under different brand name.
Acquisition of Kanto Auto Works LTD and Central Motor Co. to increase production.
Alliance with BMW to put its AG Diesel Engines into their own trucks to overcome crisis in Europe.
Also, to establish in Germany.
Continue up graduation in looks and performance.
Worldwide dealership and manufacturing plants to imply Just-in-Time system.
Moving forward; Get the felling.
High quality cars at affordable prices.
Reliable and fuel efficient.
Something for everyone.
Toyota Today
Already developing its own parts so the tires could be extension.
Fuel Stations
Increasing fuel demands.
Savings for Toyota cars.
Already providing financial services
Supplies for ever increasing construction sector and its own productions.
Home Appliances
Hybrid already have connected cars with interiors.
Netflix Future
In the coming year Netflix will have enough revenue to produce movies and exclusive rights over it will generate even more.
Having its own devices Netflix will be able to expand itself even more.
Owning the CD is much more convenient then in-person renting.
Cable connections and dish services will allow Netflix to expand in mobility and internet.
Men are ready to adopt more luxurious accessories to improve their appearance.
Women are also expecting premium products to improve their appearance.
Household Clocks
Consumers also wanted to customize their homes.
Purses & Footwear
Their is wide and less competitive market for these products.
Product Map
Future COLA
Beverage saturate can be halted putting forward healthy products.
Energy Drinks
People's increasing concerns about health, therefore they go for sports.
Like Tims have its own cups.
Coca Cola's established market image can help it open a line in these products.
Apple Approach
People are considering wireless headphones and charger.
A sim slot in i Pod can make a light weight and very thin mobile device.
Playing Modem
Apple do not have anything to compete with PSP and X Box.
More Storage
People do need a external storage system with Apple devices.
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