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Hosted VoIP Phone Service

No description

Manzar Husnain

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Super Technologies, Inc.
Proposal for Hosted VoIP Phone ServiceVOIP Phone Service(Examples: Vonage, Lingo, Net2phone, Super Phone)Example Products:
http://www.Super-phone.com http://www.magnaura.net Who is it for?
CLEC, ISP, VoIP entrepreneur or ILEC with a business plan to offer phone service over nextgen IP networks including, WIFI, Wimax, fiber to home and DSL Internet users.
Summary of the Product:
This White Label product will provide you with instant VOIP-based ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provision) similar to Vonage broadband phone services to its end-users.

It will not be apparent to the customer that the service originates from Super Technologies, Inc. However, an option to add powered by Super Technologies, Inc. logo is available.
Who can use the service:
Service is *SIP-based nextgen service, which can be used on Broadband, 3G, 3G Mobile Phones, Wireless, Fiber, WIFI, Wimax, Fiber to home, and DSL.

SIP = Session Initiation Protocol
Diagram of how it works:
Scenario when a call comes from a cell phone user to an HVOIP User
for example super-phone.com

1. Calling party from A Cellphone
2. DIDx Partnet Carrierx
3. HVOIP/ Super-phone server
4. End Point Device I.e. Linksys PAP2
Diagram of how it works:
Scenario when a call is made from an HVOIP User for example super-Phone.com to a PSTN/ CELLULAR User
1. End Point Device I.e. Linsys PAP2
2. HVOIP/ Super-phone server
3. CarrierX.us or / Carrier Partnet Of SuperTec.com
4. PSTN or Mobile Phone

The HVOIP Branded customer can choose its own call routes and termination services.

What do we Provide
Super Technologies Launched it’s first VOIP Service in year 1999, The software which has been refined over the years is now available to you, for YOU to offer phone services to your customers.The software we are offering includes almost everything that you will need to offer the phone service.
Software Includes
Soft Switch Software
Billing Engine
Provisioning Server
Customer Relationship Management Software
Client Site Management Portal
Admin Portal
Re-seller Panel
Your Own DID Numbers
Your Own a-z routes

Admin Software Features:
Unlimited Customized Calling Plans
Out going call rates management
Automated Monthly Billing
Automated Yearly Billing
PayPal Integration
Paypal Merchant Account Integration
Linkpoint Integration
DIDX Integration
CarrierX Integration
Use Your own Route
Remote Hardware Provisioning
Re-seller Panel
Client Site Features:
Self Signup
Self Payment via credit card
Self Choosing of Plans
Self Changing of Numbers
Self Remote Hardware Provisioning
Call Logs
Voice Mail
Caller ID Selection
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Virtual Phone Line Addition
Your Revenue Streams
Monthly Subscription
Out Going Calls at your own rates
Virtual Phone Numbers Hardware Requirement:
We provide the hardware required for the hosted phone service.You provide the end point devices to the customer. We expand our network to as much as needed to support your end users.
Call Out Rates
You can modify the rates from the Admin Section

Those rates will be displayed on the customer's website like www.yourdomain.com/rates
Plan Management
You may create as many plans as you need your self.
You can manage the plans with the CRM manager.
All the plans will automatically be displayed on www.yourdomain.com/plans
Licensing Requirement:
As a DATA service and over Internet, no license for voice is needed.

A general business license is typically needed.
If you are outside the United States, Please check your local telecom department.

Projected Revenues
Based on 10,000 users
Paying $25 a month
25* 10,000 = $250,000 a month
Payment Integration
FREE Payment integration is included for following companies:

PayPal merchant services
Linkpoint Central

Any other company that we do not have integration yet, can be integrated at a 1 time charge of us$999
Super Technologies, Inc.
Proposal for Hosted VoIP Phone ServiceVOIP Phone Service(Examples: Vonage, Lingo, Net2phone, Super Phone)Example Products:
http://www.Super-phone.com http://www.magnaura.net
Payment from Users:
All the payments collected from your web site, are sent directly to your Credit Card Merchant account and your Paypal accounts, they do NOT come to SuperTec.com
One Time Charge
$9999 US Dollars
Web Site Design:
$1500 – If we design the web site – submit your Word or Front Page documentation with text to be placed on the web site.
$500 – Integration of provided web site.

$0 – Standard template web site, with name change on super-phone.com
Recurring Charge (Users)
$1 per Month Per user.
Minimum of 1000 users will be charged every month..

(Advance required for 3 months)
Three days of training will be provided to Customer upon his receipt of beta site.

A reference manual will be provided for using the software.

Extra training is available at a charge.

Implementation Time :
In 48 hours, a beta site is given.
Total 2 weeks for complete solution.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much will Phone Numbers cost me?
The DID/ Phone Number can be purchased by you in wholesale from
Or you can bring your own did numbers from any company or your own.
Can I Bring my own routes?

Yes, You can bring your own routes.
We recommend you to have your carrier sell you the routes via our routing management tool on carrierx.us

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