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Thurgood Marshall

A Highly Influential Civil Rights Movement Leader

Nick McGraw

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Thurgood Marshall

"We make movies about Malcolm X, We get a holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, but everyday we live with the legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall."
-Juan Williams, writer of
Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary
Thurgood Marshall
High School- Baltimore's Colored High & Training School
College- Howard University
Studied law at Howard
Top of his class
Graduated Howard in 1933
In conclusion, because of Thurgood Marshall's great work on getting rid of segregation, he became one of the greatest 20th century civil rights leaders to ever live. He influenced many African Americans and others, which sparked the Civil Rights Movement.
Because of Thurgood Marshall's strength and determination, he made a significant impact on the Civil Rights movement.
First African American Supreme Court Judge
Helped to end school segregation in the U.S.
Won the Brown vs. Board of Education Case as well as 13 others
Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
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