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TweetShare3: Narrowing the gap in Egypt one step at a time

My AMENDS talk presentation

Salma Hegab

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of TweetShare3: Narrowing the gap in Egypt one step at a time

Assiut TweetShare3: Narrowing the gap in Egypt one step at a time Tahrir, January 2011. What's Next? We started! Mission To bridge the communication gaps between the various segments of Egyptian society and enable the average citizen, the internet user, and the activist to find common ground through providing dialogue channels. TweetShare3 started in Cairo to talk with people on parliamentary elections. Tahrir, March 2013. 23rd July, 2011. Damietta Alexandria Sharqia Sohag Mansoura Karim Saied and Mohamed Aly We don't live in Egypt, we mainly volunteer with time and efforts in doing online tasks, we have also donated to support some required logistics. Ahmed Manadilo: I volunteer with time, effort and money to spread dialogue among my community in Damietta.
We have developed from political to cultural awareness. Volunteers became like a family to each other. Hatem El Sheemy: I volunteer with my effort to spread dialogue and awareness among my community in Damietta. Fady Wasfy: I volunteer as a graphic designer for Tweetshare3, from the state of Virginia! The Future is ours! Fatma Hosni: I volunteer in Alexandria team with time and money to connect with Alexandrians as an effective factor to activate the revolutionary needs in town according to our slogan in Tweetshare3: people to the people Salma Hegab A Multimedia Journalism Student at AUC.
A Blogger.
An Activist.
A Volunteer. If you can help, contact us! Facebook: www.facebook.com/tweetshare3
Twitter: @Tweet_Share3
Email: info@tweetshare3.com
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