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Environmental Programs

Overview of the City of Irvine's Environmental Programs.

Mikkele Bringard

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Programs

Community Services Community Development Public Works Sustainable Planning
Green Building Standards
Water Quality Environmental Policy
Recycling/Waste Management
Energy Sustainable Landscaping
Alternative Vehicles
Mass Transit & Bike Plan Grant Programs
Beverage Can Recycling
Used Oil Recycling
Medical Sharps Recycling
Next Steps
California Proposing Diversion Rate Increase
Food Waste Reduction Recycle uncontaminated used motor oil and used oil filters at any of the following locations for free:
Jiffy Lube: 3080 Main Street
Kragen Auto Parts: 15315 Culver Drive
Jiffy Lube Irvine Spectrum: 8777 Irvine Center Drive
HHW Center: 6411 Oak Canyon Machines installed at:
Lakeview Senior Center
Atria Assisted Living Center
Hyatt Hotel Global Village
National Night Out
Eco Explorers Summer Camp
Youth Action Team Program
Master Gardeners of Orange Co. Creation of a Sustainability Operations Strategic Plan for all departments to implement
Continued incorporation of green building and energy efficiency in facility design and construction
Increase recycling and zero waste practices within facilities & events text text text text text text
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