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Child Labour

No description

Steve Nhan

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Child Labour

Timeline of Child Labour
How was it caused?
Factors causing it to Develop
Industrialization was a huge factor that caused child labour develop. During the Industrial Revolution, children as young as four were employed in production factories because there families were ether poor or in debt to the factorie owner. Another factor causing child labour to develop is poverty. children left on the street were forced to work.


What Can We Do To Help?
Somethings that we can do to help stop this issue is to donate money, food, and other essentials to foundations like Children Aid and Blue Cross. Also, we can raise awareness of this issue. Many people don't realize how serious this is.`
Who are the victims of child labour?
Child labour is cause because of poverty, when poor children and their family rely upon child labour for survival and family economy. Poverty appears as the most convincing reason why children work. Poor households rely on the income provided by child labour for their survival. However, poverty is not the only factor in child labour and cannot defend all types of employment and slavery. Countries may be equally poor and yet have relatively high or relatively low levels of child labour.
Interesting Facts
Child labour produces over $150 billions a year
According to the ILO, 168 million children worldwide were engaged in child labor in 2013
Only one out of five children involved in child labour for his or her work
The majority of childeren in child labour preform unpaid family work
Approximately 85 million out of 168 million children work in hazardous conditions.
Starting in the industrial revolution era, children as young as seven years old worked in factories. These factories were often unsanitary, and unsafe.
Early 1900's
Thousands of children starting from the age of three were hired to produce glass which was very dangerous. In 1910 there were aproximately 2 million children in America that were employed. These children worked in cigarette companies and even the coal mines.

Factory acts were passed to improve the working hours of factory children to 12 hours which is still harsh. In England, the population of boy from 10-14 as slaves were slowy decreasing.

21st Century
Now over 200 million children at this day and age wokring to there limits. Over 70 countries involved with this terrible scheme.
There are over 150 million boys and girls the are involved child labour and more than half of the population are girls. Marjority are African and Indian children. I magine that there are so many organizatiothat generate thousands of dollars yet child labour is still a mojor problem in our current day world and especially in Third World Countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen. These are only a few of the countries affected by this worldwide problem
In North America
Child Labour
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