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Dr. Pepper is put in air tight aliuminum can and boxed in cardboard boxes

Jordan Romero

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Dr.Pepper

Dr. Pepper Dr.Pepper is packaged in air tight aluminum cans or bottles to protect the yummy goodness from being contaminated. To keep Dr. Pepper together the product is packaged in large cases and cardboard easy to open boxes to keep all the cans together. Dr. Pepper had made comercials with famous people to promote themand they also came out with Dr.Pepper chap stic for little kids or anyone how loves Dr.Pepper. During transportation Dr. Pepper in stacked in large boxes so they dont fall over and spill and break the cans or bottles they are transported by trucks (semi trucks) During storage Dr. Pepper is stacked on large wooden blocks until needed still in packages for easy access to the stores there at.
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