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Copy of Copy of ICT as a tool for learning

No description

Anders Forsell

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of ICT as a tool for learning

ICT as a tool for learning
The present and the future
Challenges for today´s educational systems
- Is 21th century schools stuck in educational systems created during the industrialization?
Teaching, learning and ICT
A new role for teachers and learners: Schools or educational systems as a whole do
no longer have monopoly
of knowledge and learning.
Our views on ICT and ICT-tools
We need our learning environment to be flexible.
Google Apps for Education
Educational systems and schools have a great challenge in meeting tomorrows needs with the resources of today.
Graduates from upper secondary school in 2030. University by 2035?
Will he be prepared for jobs that maybe don´t even exist today?
For the new challenges in the world in 2030?
Learning takes place
everywhere and anytime
- not just in schools.
Are kids "digital natives" and adults "digital immigrants"?
Bridging the gap between digital literacy and illiteracy/or the
"digital divide"
Problems with "digital inequality" in swedish schools today. Access to computers and digital tools are far from perfect - roughly 1 million Swedes do not have direct access to/or are not interested in using Internet.
We need it to be collaborative in our teaching
Don´t forget about the students/pupils!
Using ICT in schools should always start with
asking the right questions
What do we need and why?
What is the purpose of using ICT and technology in schools?
I don´t believe in the "trickle down effect"

Ask the right questions!
Teachers and pupils have to be involved in the process of using ICT i schools.
- Standardization may lead to killing creativity and learning?
- "One Size Fits All"?
- Can ICT be one way to bring a more individualized learning process to schools?
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