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Prezi for Morons

How to work Prezi-even if you're a complete moron!

Amanda Gillette

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Prezi for Morons

Prezi For Morons Tranformation Zebra Rotate Move Resize This sentence is ROTATED This sentence can be made BIG or SMALL with RESIZING Words Click anywhere to type a message There you can change the font color By choosing Title 1 Title 2 or Body You can also position your writing by chossing left align, right align, middle align, or justify. Lastly, you can choose whether or not to put bullets in front of your writing Colors Look up in the top left corner of your screen: Choose "Colors & Fonts" That's the bubble menu. There are some sample fonts and colors, so you can play around with that. But if you want precise colors, or want to be creative, go to the Color Wizard. There you can choose a background color, your Title 1, frame colors, and marker colors. arrow and line colors, Title 2, and Body colors, Prezi is very popular, and everyone should know how to use it. Just a simple Google search and you see how amazing Prezi is. Frames Frames Frames Frames There are four differnt types of frames: Bracket Rectangle Circle Hidden and This is what a hidden frame looks like. It will be invisible to your auidience. There are hidden frames around all of these words, allowing me to zoom into them. So true! Make your Prezi more interesting and detailed! Insert Here you have three options: Insert a picture Insert a video or go to the exclusive extra tab labled "Shapes". Pictures Videos Shapes To insert a picture, click on "Insert", and then on "Load File". Then, choose the picture you want to upload. Once you have it on the Prezi, you can move it, rotate it, and resize it just like words. Also, when you double click on the middle (move), you can crop your image. Original Image Move from here to there Make it big or small Rotate it Crop it! M.R.R.C o
e o
e e
e r
p Go to "Insert" and click on "YouTube". The one thing you have to remember with videos is that they HAVE to be from YouTube. You can't get them from anywhere else. Now, go to your video, copy the URL, and paste it into the box. When you click "OK" the video wil be there, ready for moving, resizing, and rotating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6G7MkBMVxE = When you go to shapes, you see four choices: Arrows Straight Lines Free-Form Lines Marker/Highlighter Click and draw Click and draw. Double click on center (move) and drag to curve. Click and draw Click and draw and/or highlight text I love highlighting text! Path You're finally done!! Now you can add a path Just choose the order you want things to go in, and then click on them in that order! Go to path. EASY PEASY! Here's an example: Cartoon Beatles They were on a TV show! And they were very funny! But they didn't need to be cartoons to be humorous! Ha ha ha! There's one last thing... SHOW! The last, gray circle, "Show" is how you show the Prezi. The prezi will follow your path, going from item to item. We are in show mode right now! So, let's go through this one last time... To edit your text, such as to fix spelling mistakes, just double click on the center (move)! http://prezi.com/hqd5xxecelrv/prezi-for-amatuers/ Link to my next Prezi: Prezi for Amatuers
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