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Copy of Rani pulpY oRange

No description

NS Mawani

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Rani pulpY oRange

Competitive Review :
Swot Analysis..
Marketing Strategy
Current market situation
Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage
Market Description
Market of Rani juice have no age specific consumers is almost use by every one .
It is best suited for customers who are health conscious .
There is alot of competitors already present in the market so it will be a tough challenge to maintain brand image
GrOUp MemBers :

Bilal khan
Faizan rizvi
Uroosa pirzada
Syed M. Furqan
Product goes in loss
The product of Coca cola MINUTE MAID pulpy Orange failed in the market due to sour taste ,then Coca cola decided to stop distributing minute maid in the market .
Product Review
it is positioned as a healthy drink containing calcuim , potassuim, Vitamin C present in oranges which control to bad cholestrol
it helps the body to slow down to help the fats natural oils present in pulpy oranges can be used to moisturize the skin
a compound called lemonene usually found in pure pulpy orange fights against various cancer ,skin cancer etc
vitamins c protects cell from damage against free radicals
Rani PuLpy OrAnge
Teacher :Amir Ahmed Khan
Coca-Cola currently offers nearly 400 brands in over 200 countries or territories and serves 1.5 billion beverages each day
Coca cola decided to launch a new product in the brand slogan of RANI Pulpy Orange after buying 50% shares of aujan industries UAE.

Back in 2012 The Coca-Cola Company announced a transaction to acquire approximately half of the equity in Aujan Industries’ beverage business, one of the largest independent beverage companies in the Middle East.
Rani has many competitors who are in the field of providing the Fruit juices in different flavor and different sizes in pakistan .
Direct Competitor
Indirect Competitors
Distribution Review
Major Distribution channels of Coca cola in each district level of pakistan is like
• (Sindh) karachi ,moroo, Sukker
• (Punjab) Rahimyarkhan,lahore ,islamabad
• (KpK) peshawar , Banu,Abbottabad
• (Balochistan) quetta , zayarat, khuzdar
Then , Futher Divided in Different zones North south and central zones

Distribution Channels

• Health oriented Products
• Strong Company Background
• Experienced and Highly trained employees have the ability to manage the change according to situation working on Rani pulpy juices .
• (USP) Pulp present in Rani juice gives experience of real Orange .
• Power full Trade mark ( PULPY Orange)
• Financially stable and very strong to Finance any project due to company coca cola .
• Very good distribution network of Cocacola .
• Slightly Higher Prices due to made from pure Fruits pulp.
•less awareness about the product.
• Early expire date than other juices due to made my pure Pulpy Oranges .


•Comming hot climate can be the edge for the sales of our product

• Potentail to expand markert in unreached areas of pakistan like interior sindh and punjab .

• Can contract with Different hotels ,resturants and food chains .

• Intense competation from other Oranges juice producers

• Energy crises in Pakistan

• Rising prices of raw material and Fuels due to changing Government

We have set Aggresive achievable objectives for the the first years of market entry
1) We aim to achieve the sales volume of 10 million units During the initial year of Rani juice in the Market starts from March 2015 .

2) The launching of the product has been perfectly timed;keeping the fact in view that the product will be needed in the summer ,also in the month of july ramzan 2015

3) Increase the seasonal sales volume such as on 14 august , football worldcup , and circket icc world cup .
4) Delivering the good quality and taste to the customer at Fair price

people can relate the taste of rani pulpy to the previous sour taste of minute maid . For this we have to invest heavly in consumer awareness program.
want to positioned Rani as the quality and healthy product. Our main focus is to keep the customers loyality.
providing them with not only a healthy drink but a new fashion trendy hygienic and healthy juice
primarily target to people with healthy lifestyles, or with the motivation to be healthy.
Our Secondary target will be mothers because of the trend of health consciousness on the riseinfluence and affect their children’s drinking habits and diets.
For people who want a healthy drink, Rani is the ideal beverage for healthy, hassle –free refreshment anytime. It is a good source of calcium, contains a full day supply of vitamins and is made for people who think they are motivated toward health and hygene.
Product Strategy
initially be made available in ready-to-drink plastic bottle of 350ml .In future larger bottles such as 1 ltr and tetra packs will also be made available.
Currently it is available in orange flavor but in future we are increasing our product line
by adding different flavors aswell such as , Pineapple, Mango, Peach and Strawberry/Banana
. we will also change the bottel labelling in comming holy events such as ramadan and eid.
RANI Fruit Drink have a shelf life of 6 months from the date of production
Rani sets the price on the basis on cost of pure ingredients and pulps of orange as well as other operational costs like processing , weighting, packaging and logistics .
Rani pulpy orange launching price will be lesser than other Direct competitors products
Currently RANI Will be introduced in one SkU’s , 350ml price of Rs 50.00
1 liter and 1.25ml in the future after 8 months of launching
comming soon
After the manufactoring of products they forwarded to regional sales offices which are located in 12 different cities of pakistan including 3 different zone in one city
Distributers then collect the product from these sales offices and sale it to wholesaler and retailers
our product will avaliable also in villages and small districts of sindh and punjab like Ghotki , Sakrand, Badin, qazi ahmed , Obaro and sadqabad etc
Rani pUlpy OranGe
Marketing Communication strategy
Aggressive promotional activities are required at the time launching of product to ensure maximum awareness of our product and implement innovative marketing stratgies of promotions.
There fore we have selected
Guerrilla Marketing

strategy for our product promotion which is quite diffuclt from traditional marketing
We plan our Guerrilla marketing through different engagement stratgies which is physical as well as emotional
Actions Programs

• Substantial advertisement will be carried out on leading news , entertainment and infotainment channels as well as bill board of our product will be placed in elite areas of karachi such as Defence , muhammad Ali Jinnah society, Clifton and 3 talwar , Islamabad and various areas of Pakistan .

June :
• After launching of the product in the market , we will try to develop product Awareness programs among consumers through various BTL campaigns.
• I In the holy month of Ramadan we will offer buy one get one free scheme for our consumersr .
• In the foods courts of Shopping malls like Dolmen , pak tower and atrium , Interactive floor projections of Rani pulpy bottle should be projected on the floor

• Online advertisnment and socila meda marketing will be introduced with the likes of facebook advertisment, google adwords and twitter promotions . there fore online advertisment will reduce the frequence of tv advertisment by 50 %
• In the month of July we will run a campaign at various apartment , free sampling of juice To get closer to our real target market

August :
• According to the market response, we will be adding new innovations to the same flavor. Such as change of packaging and skus .350 ml to 400 is expected.

September :
• Eid ul Adha is in September so we will launch another new CSR campaign of buy 1 Rani orange pulpY bottle juice and donate 5rupees to poor and needy people .

October :
• we plan to achieve over million sales by the end of October

Thank YoU
Interactive Billboard Campaign
The main idea is to provide free sampling of juice through this billboard where a consumer will come and fill the glass of RANI juice by himself. Consumer engagement with the brand can get high which can lead to a better brand recognition
Interactive Billboard Campaign
Execution: Instead of doing free sampling person to person, we will place an interactive billboard which will provide the Juice by itself through a Tap in the front. We will do this campaign in a high foot fall decent area such as Port Grand where we can find all of out target market
OOH ( Out Of Home) Creative Billboard
Positioning Rani as a Healthy Juice full of Vitamins and Calcium.

OOH (Out Of Home) Traditional media


To get closer to our real target market

RANI float will be parked in the apartments compound where we will be having our huge dummy RANI BOTTLE . Consumers can come and enjoy free sampling of Rani juices from our brand ambassador.

We want to Positions Rani as a leading Juice  in the beverage industry
Improved customer loyalty using innovation
Increase sales of products that use this technology as a point of difference
Targeted marketing activity and promotions
Adds audio, interactive, digital elements to the campaign

EXECUTION: This bench will be equipped with a music player, motion sensor and a brochure rack where people can sit ,enjoy the Rani jingle and even read about the product through brochures

A bench will be placed in the malls or other decent footfall areas with a backlit structure on it, as soon as any tired visitor will sit on this bench this backlit structure will lit up and Rani jingle will start playing.
Consumer will be surprised and will be forced to look at the message .
This candid moment will be captured by our hidden cameras and best pictures will be posted on the social media.(With permission)
Along with the Rani Branding , Interactive floor projections of a Rani Bottle should be projected on the floor and as people will walk on it, Pulp will come out of the bottle with help of a motion graphic sensor

EXECUTION: Interactive projectors will be used which are available in Pakistan, companies like Unilever and Engro have already incorporated this technology in their advertising campaigns

A digital screen should be placed at the malls where people can come and take picture of Rani bottel in 5 seconds to avail discount by showing that picture to departmental store inside the mall.
Such an activity would be :
-Will attract the early adopters
-Will become talk of the town within no time


Consumers are in a relaxed mindset in malls and are more receptive to advertising message

Digital Vending Machine AT P.O.P
A creatively design digital vending machines will be placed inside or outside the mall or other departmental stores. With Rani jingle playing in the back This would definitely enhance the overall Ambiance of our Brand and Inject the credibility in our product.

Marketing communication strategy


75% of all buying decision are made at the point Of Purchase space
(Source Kinetic: 2011)

87% of consumers will never buy a brand after negative brand experience

SOURCE: Mcorp Consulting 2009

97% of consumers will buy a brand again after a positive experience

SOURCE: Mcorp Consulting 2009
Consumers always have an experience

(Physical & Emotional)
Point of Purchase
Marketing Communication Strategy

There is alot of competitors already present in the market so it will be a tough challenge to maintain brand image
Television Commercial
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