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Ford mustang

No description

alyssa lofaro

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Ford mustang

Made by: Alyssa Lofaro & Rylin Jividen Ford Mustang What is the purpose of the Ford Mustang To transport a person from one place to another in a much easier, timely manner thus being convenient and time efficient Who was the original inventor and when was your product invented? Lee Lacocca invented the Ford Mustang in 1961 How was it originally invented? How is it used today? The Ford Mustang was used to transport people one place to another. Also used the same way today. What are some of the innovations that the Ford Mustang has undergone since its original invention? They added different designs and different colors. The area of technology that best classifies our for mustang Is transportation. Transportation because it transports people one place to another in a fast way. * The ford mustang has been around for 47 years
* A ford mustang is like a sports car
* The ford mustang is good on gas on mileage How was the ford mustang impacted society in a positive way? *Ford mustangs are bad for winter driving.
*After 7 years some Ford mustangs start to rust
*Ford Mustangs are bad front wheel drive How was the Ford Mustang impacted society in a negative way? Complete the chart like one below showing how science,technology,math,and engineering were all used in the creation of the Ford Mustang. Science. How much speed
Technology. type of car
Engineering. Plastic and stain less steal
Math. How much miles The Ford Mustang is an appealing balance of price , refinement, handling and power. Find a quote about the Ford Mustang or one of its innovations from the original inventor or one of the engineers who innovated the technological artifact.
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