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Social Network Marketing

No description

John Addessi

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Social Network Marketing

Curation vs. Creation
The world's second largest search engine...
is also a social network:

An excellent source
Plus: SEO juice!
Short (1 min.)

Know your Audience. Know your customers.
Know your expectations.
Plan your content management process.
Listen first.
Tune in to Wii.fm
Decide what's important to measure.
Integrate ALL of your efforts.
Plan for change.
Recognize your reputation is part of your brand.
Know what's important to you.
What can you expect from each channel?
1.26b users
699m active daily users
150m active monthly users
16 Billion Photos Shared in total
1.2 Billion Likes and 55 Million Photos shared every day
60% community outside U.S.
cars, food, soft drinks, apparel
343m active monthly users
238m users
1.5m user groups
[owns Slideshare]
70m users
drive web traffic & increase brand awareness
average 16 minutes/visit
pins with price tag get 36% more likes
80% women
lean toward brand interaction
1b users
4b views/day
2nd largest search engine (keywords!)
500m users
215m active monthly users
100m active daily users
typical day 8% of all adults v. 20% of all 18-29 year olds
heavy smartphone users
skew Latino & African American
mobile - more complex functions, search
older consumer adoption
dominance of video
aggregation & portable content
continuous change & evolution - consumer use & product functions
We asked... You answered...
1. When working with clients on their social media marketing, what do you feel most knowledgeable about?
2. When working with clients on their social media marketing, what would you like to learn more about?
3. When consulting with clients, what have you found that most clients just don’t ‘get’ about social media marketing?
4. If you could take away one thing from the upcoming workshop that would make your time in the workshop worth it, what would that one thing be?
5. Who do you like better, Bert or Ernie?
1. focus on the technical side & share access to more technical guides for you & for your clients

2. slightly touch on the 'why' and guides for decision making with additional general rules to use when consulting...well, they're not actual rules...more like...

3. Bonus: Provide you with THIS presentation so you can use it in YOUR own workshops.
How Americans use it...

staying in touch with current friends
staying in touch with family
connecting with old friends
older demographics - assemble around hobby/shared interests
SNS users

civically & politically engaged
LinkedIn & Twitter often have large offline networks
think "discovery"
Your purpose = their purpose

customer service
maintain/strengthen/grow relationships

84% of biz/brand fans on FB on average are ALREADY customers of the brand. How do you capitalize?
Top 10 Social Media Do's
Not so far from the truth...
1.2+ Billion ACTIVE members
Profiles vs. Pages
Build relationships
Don't sell!!
Ask questions (F.O.R.M.)
Facebook Pages
Customer focus
The power of questions
140 characters
Pics, links, videos
Customer service
Build communities
Twitter, The Micro Blog
Share expertise
Answer questions
Build relationships
Develop leads
Lisa: "Make someone else look good"
Professionals, B2B
A business can have a page
Effect on SEO
Effect on Google Places, AdWords
Virtual bulletin board
Huge in home decor, fashion, food, crafts
5:1 female
Can have a company board
Better: Pin-it button
Vintage style photo sharing
Second to Pinterest
Youthful demographic
Is 1.2+ billion targeted?
Google search
Be a big fish in a smaller pond
Niche Social Networks
An "Earned Ad"
The REAL power...
Word of mouth on steroids
Knock it outa the park
3-30-30 million
Average FB member has ______ friends
Reputation management
Hootsuite is a good choice to:

Listen/manage rep
Post across channels

Some help...
Social Media is NOT:

Gobs of $$$$


Building relationships
Keeping in touch
Complement to newsletters, networking, ads
A word about expectations
"Follow some brands and all you’ll see are picture after picture of their products and their brand materials. That old-school approach is no more interesting than listening to a person at a party yammer on and on about themselves and their job."
Your Turn!
Social Media Networking
How well do you know your customer?
Can you draw a picture of your most profitable customers?
What does their day look like?
What’s important to them?

[buyer persona worksheet]
[day in the life exercise]
[customer lifetime value formula]
Do you know how your customers use social media?
Do you know how they use social media to interact with brands?

[customer decision journey map]
[primary & secondary research]

That said...
The perfect post. When we talk about a post, I mean typing a status, putting something in there, either text or pictures or whatever. So, the first piece, the first ingredient is information. Now a lot of you are already doing this part. Now whether you’re posting “Hey we’re having a big sale!”. But that’s all what you do. And you hope somehow, the magic of Facebook will turn that into sales.

Well no its not. Keep in mind that the information is a critical piece, but there are 2 more important pieces. For instance, the second piece should be a call to action. If we think of the perfect Facebook business post as a cake, there are 3 essential ingredients. The first is the information which you are already good at.

The second is a call to action. We've got to tell em to do something. The Facebook post, everything on the post you have should be telling em to do something based on that information, similar to good website design. And I'm going to be giving you some examples in a minute. We want the person to, after they read it, to go and do something.

But finally, and this is the biggest one of all, there's got to be an invitation to interaction. Remember, I told you earlier that the goal of Facebook was to interact, was to connect. Well we've got to invite them to that. And you’re saying what you mean by that! I want to ask some sort of question or throw something up there so that people will comment on your post!
Perfect Post, per Eric Spellmann
1) Info
2) Call to Action
3) Invitation to interact
White Papers
Keep working on marketing "touches"
Curated Content
LinkedIn Group example
Social Media Networking
Russ Meyer
“Warning: the Internet may contain traces of nuts”
World record attempt for most slides/frames in a 1.5 hour presentation!
Lisa Roberts lsroberts@ksbdc.net
John Addessi jaddessi@jccc.edu
Thank you!
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