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Carceral Education and Protection Act

No description

Vishali Gandhi

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Carceral Education and Protection Act

Carceral Education and Protection Act (CEPA) Main Objective: To provide prisoners with an education
sufficient enough to allow them to contribute to society
and hold steady jobs
Benefits include:
-Less funding needed for prisons
-Convicts who have served their sentence
can have jobs, therefore decreasing the
liklihood that they will revert back to crime
-Gives many teachers jobs

Provisions of the bill:
-State prisons shall recieve a sum of $5,000
per inmate to pay for their education
-Inmates who did not complete high school before being incarcerated must finish and obtain a GED
-Inmates who completed high school but did not begin or finish college will have the option to obtain a bachelor's degree
-Inmates who have completed both high school and college have the choice to earn another degree or retake some college courses Penalty for not abiding by law:
-Inmate will have a shorter parole period, meaning more time in jail Law will begin to take effect at the beginning of 2011 so that the state has the time to hire faculty, plan program, and obtain supplies
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