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Gabriela Cuartas Sanchez

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Spain

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Today I am going to talk about Spain,It is a beautiful country because it has a lot of things and is situated in Europe.

The capital of Spain is Madrid, It is the one of the top tourist.

Madrid is beautiful and is a very old city. Europe occupies most part the Iberian Peninsula
In Spain there are a lot of rivers, for example Bidasoa river or Nervion river but other names are Ason river,Miera river, Deva river.
The currency is the Euro in this country

Spain has a lot of cities ,so their names are, Barcelona, Cadiz, Huelva, Sevilla, Santiago, Santander, Pamplona, Oviedo and other names but all cities are very imporntant because they have many things.
The food in Spain is very delicious, the main dish is The Omelette but there are other dishes that are very delicious for example, The Paella or The Gazpacho.

In Spain there are many beaches but five beaches are very important and their names are :Beach of the Canter, Lanzada beach,
Cofete beach, Bolinia beach and Shell beach.There are a lots of tall, rocky cliffs in Spain.
The weather of Spain is very diverse, because sometimes are mild temperatures or cold winters.There is a great view of the bay in Shell beach.
In Spain you usually use veils,hair comb and vest.
In Spain there are many sorts and the names are basketball , cycling , tennis, football and handball
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