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B2M - final results

These are the results of the training course "Between 2 Margins - Training course on Social Activism in Euromed".


on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of B2M - final results

Between 2 Margins - Training Course on Social Activism in Euromed Quinta Valenciana [PT] | 27.06 ~ 05.07 | http://b2m.volatin.net The idea of the project Evaluation Results Activity #1: Sea of Me Activity #2: Final Sea of Me Participants' Evaluation: Online Form Activity #3: Trainers' Internal Meeting Activity #4: Rato - ADCC's Internal Meeting Description Description Description Description Description These were the main ideas that were mentioned in Rato - ADCC's internal meeting:
The creation of the partnership was made in a process completely new to Rato - ADCC - "it was Nuno's TOTEM project";
The theme was interesting because it was different from the work of Rato - ADCC until now;
In the beginning of the project there were some doubts if the project had correspondence to the mission of Rato - ADCC but in the end of the project it was clear that the project made sense for the organization;
There were financial constraints - Portuguese NA made some cuts in the budget and the prices (travel and accommodations) increased more than what was expected;
The process of selection of participants should have been developed better: it's needed to think about new forms of communication with the participants in the preparation's phase;
There was a clear link between the quality of the partnerships and the motivation of the participants
The supporting team worked well in the implementation's phase - there were no conflicts that could unbalance the group dynamics and the final results;
In comparison with previous projects, the process was peaceful and the connection with the trainers was positive and productive;
There was a flexibility in the team and trainers that allowed to face certain problems;
Certain equipment did not have the proper conditions (sound system, microphone...);
The project gave new challenges regarding the implementation of technological solutions in other languages, mainly in Greek and Arabic.
The project opened perspectives for new projects in new programmes and institutions [e.g. Euromed or Anna Lindh Foundation];
The project gave visibility to public authorities (mainly City Hall of Seixal) about the importance of the international cooperation work done with Youth in Action Programme;
To work with MEDA countries will give new possibilities of development for Rato - ADCC's work;
The multilinguistic approach on the methodologies of the activities and the results will enhance the soft skills of Rato - ADCC;
The project gave new future partners for Rato - ADCC. These were the main ideas that were mentioned in trainers' final meeting [Quinta Valenciana | July 5th]: In the end of the training course, it was asked to the participants to draw their route during the training process. This sea will have 4 main areas:
1) calm waters near the shore (the ship sails in a calm way in known mapped areas - everything is familiar and comfortable),
2) in the sea with a good wind (the ship sails with dynamics and speed),
3) restless waters (it’s raining and the waves are big - it’s being difficult and hard)
4) there is a hurricane and the ship is about to sink (everything is wasted and lost - there is no way out).

This metaphor helped the participants to identify in an holistic perspective their path in training course. The results of the activity are the following:
The order selected collectively was B, A, C and D
This reveals that the project had a positive impact in the participants, making them active and empowered. Activity #5: A TagStorm... Description In the last day of the project, it was done a brainstorm with the participants about the training course. The result of this brainstorm is the following - http://bit.ly/b2m-tagcloud

Here are some data:

Number of words: 578
Words with more frequency:
People: 9
Activism: 8
Creativity: 7
Share: 7
Human Rights: 7
Learn: 7
Group: 7
Love: 6
Boat: 6

After the group was divided and it was asked for each sub-group to select 3 words - these were the results:

Group #1:
Positive vibration --> "People are happy and this affecting the group and it is contagious sometimes..."
Communication --> "It was one of highest values of our group - without we would not have the opportunity to understand each other."
Self-expression --> "Getting out of normal boundaries of self-expression and thinking and learn new ways of expression."

Group #2
Awareness --> "It was representative for the course."
Citizenship --> "It is a value that we agree that everybody must have and promote."
Challenge --> "It was a challenge and our work will be a challenge because of the implementation of the ideas that we created."

Group #3
Sharing --> "We shared many things during the week, material and immaterial..."
Rights --> "The topic regarding "Rights" was present during the activities and outside during informal conversations..."
Empower --> "Power has a word that has 2 possible readings: the power of domination and the energy."

Group #4
Intercultural Dialogue --> "People are very different with different approaches of Life but we dialogue, we listen and we respect"
Lucky --> "It's a feeling that all of us share because we feel lucky for being here."
Full glass ---> "After having seen and lived the difficulties that you come across when you have an objective, we still see the glass full and eager to act."

After with all the words, it was done this a semantic analysis and a tagcloud that is available @ http://bit.ly/b2m-tagcloud Visibility Photo Gallery For more images, check out http://bit.ly/b2m-gallery Promotional Video Poster Video Synopsis Video Toolbox B2M @ different media B2M @ Media
Boletim Municipal do Seixal [ http://boletim.cm-seixal.pt/#578/11 ]
Setúbal na Rede I [ http://bit.ly/Sc5LDH ]
Setúbal na Rede II [ http://bit.ly/QySf06 ]
Agência de Notícias [ http://bit.ly/S2ciGC ]
Metro News [ http://bit.ly/MMliJ9 ]
Revolta das Laranjas [ http://bit.ly/P9kbDP ]
B2M @ Online Social Media
http://www.facebook.com/groups/347674895300487/ [63 members; 137 posts]
Twitter with the hashtag #between2margins [5 users; 70 posts] Afterwards, the map, with the different paths, the map was observed by a group of 7 people that individually ordered the areas, according to its intensity: Preparation The number of trainers [3] was sufficient - it allowed to give space to each trainer;
The selection of trainers was good and it revelead to be a key point in the project - there was complementarity not only on the field of knowledge but also on the skills and personalities;
It was also important that the trainers were aware of their limitations and tried to support themselves and the other trainers - this facilitated the communication between them;
There were too many e-mails sent in the preparation phase of the project - probably the information should be more centralized in less e-mail messages;
The trainers had different approaches regarding the preparation of the project - in one hand, for some trainers it was important that the project had undefined aspects on its implementation, leaving space for eventual changes. But there was also the perspective that it was necessary to have the major aspects of the activities already defined;
The webograpy was important for the preparation of the participants. Possible follow-up projects from this will depend on the participants and organizations involved in the project - it's still soon for the trainers to understand the impact of the project at this level. There was a good connection between the team of trainers, the supporting staff and the participants;
There was a good balance between the orientation towards process versus the orientation towards results - it happened because of the profile of the trainers and the thematic flow of the training course;
The use of training methodologies based on computers was a challenge but it enhanced the learning outcomes;
It was important that the results were explained from the beginning of the training course;
It was important that the participants had freetime and they could rest during in some evenings;
The supporting staff had an important role in the implementation of the training course, leaving the trainers only being concerned with training activities of the project;
The number of elements [2] of supporting staff was sufficient;
The trainers stated that they learnt much with the project. Implementation Follow-up One week after the training course, it was sent to the participants (via GoogleDocs) an evaluation form (@ http://bit.ly/b2m-evaluationform ): During the project, some activities were developed and after were produced as video tutorials and translated in some of the languages of the training course. The participants were asked to present the results of the project in a video synopsis. Online Mind Map All the results developed by the participantes were placed online in a wiki presented as a mind map @ http://b2m.volatin.net General impressions The training course was well organized, very interesting, inspiring and made the participants think about society, social change activism and also be more active in the society;
A very useful and inspiring training, showing what is “Social Activism” and what the overall situation of the world;
An experience very interesting and productive, with very good goals, which helped achieve new cooperation plans and create multiple work tools. Preparation info The participants received all information before the start of the training; Due to mail and Facebook, the participants were able to communicate before the training course start, it also helped them gather the important information on topic;
All contacts made before to the formation, between the participants and the organizers were quite useful because it allowed participants to gather diverse information, and so they are better informed and prepared for training. Methodologies The methodologies were coherent and powerful, there were balance between non formal and formal education. Usage of new media made the training course innovative. The training course was also useful for experienced participants who claimed that they have learnt new methodologies that they had not known before;
Methodologies are Strong and consistent which combined with the design intent and led to an awesome process of learning and understanding;
The information about different topics, it was quite handy and clear, due to the type of non-formal education, as well as the various activities that were very creative. Activities' Plan - Overview Activities before and during the meeting served very well the objectives of training in particular and the project in general;
Activities well planned and comprehensive, involving various skills and disciplines that made the training was never boring;
All activities were interesting and besides helping them build confidence and to introduce the topics of training;
The debates were the most interesting activities because made possible the exchange of ideas and opinions;
Very powerful, challenging, comprehensive. More time needed to spend on it. Time Management The training and all activities were well planned, giving opportunity to work in groups and individually;
Some activities occupied much time, and then there was little time to rest;
It was properly scheduled. More time was needed for particular activities and also for a rest. Facilities The location of the training was excellent and nothing was missing;
All the need of logistics was seized and all the extras provided without any problem;
There was access to all facilities needed;
It could be better with better internet connection. Accomodation A perfect place to keep the whole group together and we had freedom and security;
The facilities were great and the food very good;
The division of the rooms was interesting because it allowed better understand people from different countries and different cultures;
Perfect accommodation and service;
It was great experience to share the room with different people from different culture. Food The food in the “Quinta da Valenciana” was optimal and delicious;
Both the chef and the staff who served us were incredibly friendly;
All dietary restrictions of the participants were cordially respected;
Great cuisine was provided with respect to all possible food restriction/allergies of each participant. Free time activities The free time that we were provided was very good, so we can renew ideas;
We were able to enjoy moments of conviviality with our mates and we had the opportunity of touring in Lisbon;
Adequate free time was given, considering the main purpose of the training course. Learning Outcomes The participants have learnt about the following topics: activism, global citizenship, human rights, socio-political situation on Euromed countries. But they also had an opportunity to gain/strengthen individual competences such as ability to cooperate, to lead, to sympathies and empathies, to work in group and to use of English as a communication (second) language. “Thinking out of box” was also mentioned as important aspect in order to achieve the particular goal, where an idea plays a crucial role which leads to the best projects;
The multicultural debates and the various activities gave us the opportunity of learning a lot about citizenship, human rights and global activism;
New training methodologies, which called the attention of our "I", the better we know our skills and our individual limitations;
Realize how important it is to work in groups and on the importance of being critical in the approach to any subject, and a better understanding of everything that surrounds us;
Get to know better the socio-political EUROMED countries. Results All projects and tools that we idealize can be put into practice by any association so requests;
The final projects reflect the ideas of people with different cultures, when they worked in groups led us to achieve optimum results;
This training resulted in several projects that are implemented by NGOs will be very useful to promote youth participation in issues such as Citizenship, Social and Global Activism, Human Rights and cooperation between different cultures;
The participants are in general satisfied with the obtained results and think that it can be beneficial also for other stakeholders and NGOs; Final comments regarding the project A project can really help the Mediterranean countries, and through which are several ongoing cooperation activities involving young EUROMED countries;
A formation that has told us about new methodologies, through the different activities, that have added new knowledge and values, for the participants' future;
A very interesting training with a fantastic team of trainers, which made this experience something that the participants will never forget;
The participants are thankful to B2M staff and show a great satisfaction not only because of the results, but also because of the training course in general. Case Studies @ http://bit.ly/b2m-projectdiagram For the elaboration of the results, it was given a case study regarding an Euromed NGO:
Okupa - CSP Palmela @ http://bit.ly/QJb2m-casestudyokupa
VidaEmprego - CLDS Arrentela @ http://bit.ly/b2m-casestudyclds
Mó de Vida @ http://bit.ly/b2m-casestudymodevida
Khapaz @ http://bit.ly/b2m-casestudykhapaz
Ta7weeleh @ http://bit.ly/b2m-casestudyta7wheeleh This activity consisted in understanding the global learning process of the participants in the end of each day. Each participant had a boat that they had to put in a sea divided in 4 areas:
1) calm waters near the shore (the ship sails in a calm way in known mapped areas - everything is familiar and comfortable),
2) in the sea with a good wind (the ship sails with dynamics and speed),
3) restless waters (it’s raining and the waves are big - it’s being difficult and hard)
4) there is a hurricane and the ship is about to sink (everything is wasted and lost - there is no way out). This presentation does not necessarily reflect the official views of the European Commission, the Portuguese National Agency for Youth in Action Programme or any of the organisations co-operating with this project. Thank you for your attention :) Presentation of the project @ http://bit.ly/b2m-initialpresentation This project was funded by: Impact of Information Society Results
of the project Activism Human Rights Case Studies Citizenship
and Participation "I have the right to..." - Definition of Human Rights;
"Everybody knows my rights?" - Human Rights in Euromed "I'm a citizen of what..."
[B2M Dummy] "Am I informed?"
[InfoCafé] Activism and Activism in Euromed [Between 0 and 1]
New forms of Activism [Looking @ Kony 2012] "What can I learn from others?" - Case studies [Interviews and NGO's analyses]
"What can I learn from others? II" - Presentation of case studies [Round table of computers] "Can I think differently?" - Exercises to awaken creativity
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