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School life in the past and the present

No description

Lisa Walker

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of School life in the past and the present

School life in the past and the present
How do school children get to school?
What games do school children play?
In your inquiry books write a sentence about which game from the past you would like to play. Also include why you would like to play this game?
Transport in the past
In the past school children often walked or rode their bicycles to school. Some children caught the school bus, or were driven in the family car. In the country some children rode their horses and kept them in the school yard during the day.
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Transport in the present
Today school children get to school in some of the same ways as the past. Children walk to school in walking school buses. They ride their bikes and scooters, and get driven in cars. In the city some school children catch trams or trains.
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Children's games from the past
In the past school children played outside a lot. They used their imagination and created a lot of their own games, rhymes and songs. Toys such as the frisbee and hula hoop were also very popular.
(Nakedaza, 2009)
Other popular games and toys from the past include, jacks, dolls, cars, hopscotch, skipping, strings and marbles.
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Children's games today
Today children still play outside and use their imagination, but they also play with lots of technology. iPods, iPads, Playstation, Wii, and X-Box are some of the most popular ways that children in the present play.
(Moms and Babies, 2011)
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What kind of tools do children use in the classroom?
Classroom tools from the past
In the past teachers wrote on blackboards and children wrote with pencils and fountain pens. Abacus' or counting frames were used to calculate large math sums, and encyclopedias were used to research information.
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Classroom tools today
Today teachers usually use whiteboards or interactive whiteboards, and students write with pencils and ballpoint pens, or on laptops and iPads.
Students sometimes use counting frames, but they can also use calculators, counters, MAB and lots of other math tools.
To research something children can use encyclopedias but can also find information from all over the world by using the internet, computers and iPads.
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What happens to students when they misbehave?
Discipline in the past
Discipline today
In the past children were 'seen but not heard' which means that children were only allowed to talk when asked to. School teachers were very strict and often yelled. If children misbehaved they could be given the strap or smacked with a ruler.
(shaggylocks, 2007)
Today children still need to follow the school rules but they are also encouraged to think outside the square and have their own opinions.
If children misbehave the teacher tries and works out what is causing the child to act this way. The traffic light warning system is used in our school to warn children that their behaviour is not ok before they are removed from the class.
(attitude, 2013)
What do children learn about at school?
School subjects in the past
At schools in the past students learnt english, math, handwriting, science, geography, history, art and sport. School children did not go on excursions or camps and all of their lessons were in the classroom.
(Mahara, n.d.)
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School subjects today
Today school children learn the same subjects, but they also learn information communication technologies (ICT).
Subjects are taught in fun and interesting ways, so that children are keen to learn more.
Children have incursions and excursions and go on school camp to help them learn more than they can in just the classroom.
(Orchard Grove Primary School, 2014)
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In your inquiry books draw a venn diagram showing the differences and similarities between school life in the past and the present.
School in the past and today
School in the past
School today
Great work everyone!
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