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Author's postcards of Siberian artists.

Watch my excursion to the world of art, Siberian artists and their awesome postcards.

Elizaveta Popechiteleva

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Author's postcards of Siberian artists.

You receive them from your friends and family...
You collect them for the pictures...
They are a part of everyday life
for millions of people...
They were one of the first forms
of communication between people...
There is a big variety of their types
according to purpose and usage...
Their history is rich and full of events.
You send them when you are on holiday...
the history starts in America in 19th century.
They are rectangular pieces of paper
to be mailed without an envelope...
It starts with the prehistoric art.
There were found a lot of rock paintings which are thought to be 10,000-40,000 years old. The most ancient "artists" lived and drew in...
Southern America
and Siberia as well.
People all over the world never stopped drawing and communicating to each other..
Northern America
People never stopped drawing and communicating to each other.
And finally it turned to the first cards with messages.
The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card, posted in London to the writer Theodore Hook in 1840 .
In the United States, a picture that held a message and sent through the mail first began when a card postmarked in December 1848 contained printed advertising on it.

The first German card appeared in 1874.
From Siberia with love.

The first advertising card appeared
in 1872 in England.

Cards with pictures of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 & 1890 gave the picture postcard a huge start on its way to mass popularity.
Around 1900 we saw the first "Real Photo" postcards.
Cards with Moscow sights appeared in Russia in 1895.
From that moment card techlogy and design have been changing many times. It was happening in Europe, US and Russia simultaneously.
Lots of picture postcards were printed and posted all over the world during the 20th century.
They were devoted to

- holidays

- famous people

- places

There is currently a big range of postcards.
They are nice and bright.
We don't pay attention on what is depicted on them and who may be the author.
We don't see they are of the same type, almost identical.
In this connection it is remarkable that we live in Siberia, a place rich with talented artists who put their heart and soul into their artwork.
Danila Menshikov was born in 1966 in Novosibirsk. His father was a well known Siberian architect. Danila studied in Moscow but then turned back to Siberia. His works are devoted to female portraits, local landscapes and episodes of people's life.
Elena Bertollo was born in 1962 in Novosibirsk. Her style is minimal art, her materials are at hand, her main feature is to make a picture from nothing. You'd better open your heart not only your eyes.
Irina Koucherovskaya was born in Novosibirsk. Irina is one of the youngest Siberian artists. She has a design higher education. Her postcards are especially kind, emotional and a little bit sad.
Our excursion is going to be finished. You have learnt a lot of new things today.
Thank you for attention!
I hope that you will be inspired
by great talent and mastery
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