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What is LRMDS?

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Sayre Dialola

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of What is LRMDS?

Learning Resources Management and Development System
provides the mechanisms to support coordinated and integrated access to quality resources by DepEd Regions, Divisions and Cluster/School levels.

Objectives of the LRMDS
1. Strengthened Learning Resource development and distribution systems at Regional and Divisional levels.

Adaptive learning resource systems, fully functioning at the region and division levels, effectively developing and distributing adequate and varied learning resources to teachers and learners from both the formal basic education and ALS systems

2. Improvement of instructional and learning materials system through support for the assessment, acquisition, adaptation, development, production and distribution of teaching/learning materials to schools.

4. Enhanced provisions of quality instructional and learning materials, particularly in reading in early grades and TLE, English, Science and Mathematics in other grades.

3. Digitized available student learning materials (including from PASMEP, PROBE, PRODED, BEAM, TEEP, SEDIP, etc), particularly for reading in the early grades and TLE programs, English, Science and Mathematics in other grades, ADM and ALS.

6. Improved development and utilization of Quality Assurance (including Monitoring and Evaluation) systems for provision and utilization of learning resources.

5. Modified and enhanced instructional and learning
materials for implementing Alternative Delivery Modes and Learning Systems.

What is LRMDS?
Scope of LRMDS
LRMDS functions as a clearinghouse.
It provide access to quality resources
from the Regions, Divisions, Cluster/School
level including:

information on quantity and quality and location of textbooks and supplementary materials, and cultural expertise
access to learning, teaching and professional development resources in digital format and locate resources in print format and hard copy

standards, specifications and guidelines for:
assessing & evaluating
acquiring & harvesting
modification, development and production,
storage and maintenance
publication and delivery

Nature of LRMDS resources
Resource types:
Learning Resources (LR)Teaching
Resources (TR)Professional
Development Materials (PDM)

Resource formats:

Resource Types
Learning Resources (LR) are any digital or non-digital educational resource with a learning purpose.
These resources are designed to be used directly by the student learners and or integrated into teacher developed lesson plans.

Teaching Resources (TR) are any educational resource
digital or non-digital that supports teachers in curriculum development, delivery and pedagogy or teacher trainers in the delivery of professional development programs.

Professional Development Materials (PDM) are any digital or non-digital education training and development resource or program designed with a training and development purpose. Such programs may contain or reference LR’s and TR’s.

In summary of LRMDS will...

Provide standards, specifications and guidelines for: assessing & evaluating; acquiring & harvesting; modifying & developing, storage, retrieval and distribution
Provide information on quantity and quality and loccation of textbooks and supplementary materials
Provice access to resources in analogue/digital format and locate resources in print, hardcopy or human resources format.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu
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