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Copy of Growth & Development

No description

Wesley Godfrey

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Growth & Development

Growth & Development
Middle Adulthood

Physical Changes
Fatty tissue is redistributed; men tend to develop abdominal fat, women thicken through the middle
Skin is drier
Wrinkles appear
Gray hair/hair loss occurs (men mostly on their heads)
Cardiac output decreases
Muscle mass, strength, and agility decrease
Psychosocial Development
Increased personal freedom, economic stability, and social relationships
Employment changes may occur: career change or return to school to obtain new knowledge and skills
Relationships main change with a spouse, children who are becoming adults, or aging parents
Health Risks
Susceptible to physical and emotional health problems
Malignant neoplasms
Cardiovascular disease
Unintentional injury i.e. poisoning
Motor vehicle accidents
Physical Changes Cont.
Loss of calcium from bones, (perimenopausal women especially)
Fatigue increases
Visual and hearing acuity diminish
Hormone production decreases, resulting in menopause or andropause
Ages 40-65
Wesley Godfrey
Kenzie McDuffie
Mike Alvarez
Janie Bounds
Jenni Atherton

Middle Adulthood
Increased motivation to learn
Problem-solving abilities remain, although response time may be slightly slower
Cognitive Skills
Diabetes Mellitus
Cerebrovascular causes
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Health Risks Cont.
Eat a diet low in fat and cholesterol
Eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber
Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all
Do not smoke
Exercise regularly
Nutritional Concerns
Playing tennis
Going to the beach
Nature walks
Age Appropriate Activities
Spousal Relationships
For many at this age there is a sense of security and stability for others it is a time of disenchantment
A spouse
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