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Denaturation of a Protein Experiment

No description

Brianna Thacker

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Denaturation of a Protein Experiment

Denaturation of Proteins
170 degrees ripples have formed from the layer on top is thicker

225 degrees pot has reached a full boil and the layer is like a bubble with air
Conclusion: Why is this Experiment useful?
In the experiment we were able to conclude that adding extreme temperatures to different substances can cause it to change in color, texture, or shape.
350 The hair become easier to break apart. But still in original condition.

400 degrees: The hair starts to burn and it becomes wavy.
Denaturation of egg whites
130 degrees the entire bottom of egg has become white

Questions that will be answered:
Do all proteins denature at the same temp.?
What happens when a protein is denatures
Why do proteins denature at different temps.?
what hypothesis was used? What was the outcome of the experiment? why is this experiment useful?
For this experiment we used eggs, powdered milk, and human hair.
by: Brianna Thacker & Adam Gibbs
Denaturation Of A Protein Experiment.
Can A Protein Be Denatured Outside of The Laboratory?; Taking Biology and viewing it in common day life.
Determining how much heat and time is required to fully denature the proteins in different everyday items.
To denature each of these variables we added light and extreme heat.
Hypothesis and Denaturation
The Alternative Hypothesis: When heat is added to things containing protein there will be physical changes to the substance.
Null Hypothesis: When heat is added there will be no change to the overall appearance of each of the substances
Materials for experiment: 6 egg whites, powdered milk, human hair, saucepan, cookie sheet, oven, stove top, candy thermometer, foil.
Denaturation of Powdered Milk
155 degrees; very thin layer form at top
Denaturation of the protein molecules in hair
200-325 degrees: there is no change in texture.
110 degrees white spots begin to form at the bottom
175 the egg has become fully cooked and has changed completely in texture and color
Denaturation- the process in which proteins or nucleic acids lose the tertiary structure and secondary structure by application of some external stress or compound.
we found this experiment at www.education.com
defintion from Encyclopedia Brittanica
and information from princeton.edu
Answers to our experiment questions
Q: What happend when a protein is denatured
A: The whole structure of the protein is unraveled
Q: why do Proteins denature at different temps?
A: Not all proteins have the same folding
Q: Do all protein denature at the same temp
A: no
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