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how have guns changed over time?

its awsome and junk.

samuel botkin

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of how have guns changed over time?

The machine gun or just guns in general have come a long way from their time of invention. lets go back in time and look at the first guns! the first gun was called a musket, a muzzle loading rifle that shot a ball at at a high velocity. the muskets, althogh affective where heavy and slow. so we thought of a way to cut weight and keeping range and accuracy so about 1873 we had perfected a lever action rifle and that design is still popular today. then came the handgun, the revolver was a affective weapon with a six to eight round cartaidge. the rounds could be all different calebers, they ranged from 38 cal. to 45 cal. and had little to no problems with their design. For centuries man has been fascinated by shooting projectiles at animals and men who are enemies the gatlin gun had already beed invented by this time, but the U.S.A had a plan to make a fully automatic gun without turning a lever to activate the pin...at last! the maxum machine gun was born and with the fire rate at 600 rnds. a minute it was a deadly weapon but it had a problem, it overheated like no tomorrow and then the barrel would sadly warp. Advances in tecnology created a water cooling system that wrapped arround the entire barrel cooling it as it ejected rounds. the invention of the maxum tripped a whole series of inovateing weapons. the idea of the machine gun sprouted new ideas of guns. the next invention would revoulutionize warfare... ww1 and the hand held machine gun rightly named the sub machine gun was affective and reliable. but it had carbon build up from the fast fire rate, the thompson had this problem and had to have a cleaning kit in the stock for troops on the ground. these sub machine gins shot a 45 cal. round and had a mag cap. of 20 to 100 rnd. drums. ww2! and the german rise the german forces had a deadly trick up their sleeve and this amazing peice of metalwork was nicknamed "hitlers buzz saw" because you could not tell single rounds coming out of the barrel the fire rate was through the roof it was called the MG42 (machine gun 42) it was light and held 125 rnds. in one drum it could also be belt fed. the "MA DUCE" was invented shortly after the mg 42 by american manufacturers. if we skip forward a couple years...like 50 or so we reach modern warfare and the invention of the m4 carbine and scar the most versitile rifles ever created they are light and compact they shoot a .223 cal wich is very deadly these weapons revolutionized ground troop protection. Heres some pics of sweet snipers!
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