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Horses of the Night

No description

Emily Ellefson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Horses of the Night

Horses Of The Night Summary Conflicts and Consequences Character Motivation Point Of View Symbolism Themes Points Of Interest How does this relate to the essential question? What is the relationship between circumstance and perspective? Authors Message The short story Horses of the Night is about Vanessa. A young girl growing up and as she matures developing a greater understanding about the world around her and the people around her, mainly her cousin Chris. The main conflict is Vanessa's wanting to be close to her cousin Chris. He is older than her and she struggles in understanding what he tells her and in telling her thoughts and feelings to him. She seeks to be more mentally mature so she can properly communicate with him. "At that good and imagined time, I would not any longer be limited. I would not any longer be young." The consequence of this is that while Vanessa understands more of what is happening around her, she does not know how to cope with it. Another consequence is that because Vanessa understands more of the world around her she realizes that Chris is not really the role model she wants in her life.

The secondary conflict is Chris's problems in life. As a young boy he had to go through the death of his dad and living a crowded house hold. He then had to move away from home to go to high school and deal with verbal abuse from Vanessa's grandfather. The consequences of this is that Chris created a parallel reality in his imagination which he retreats to rather than deal with his problems. "He simply appeared to be absent, elsewhere." Vanessa's motivation throughout the story is to impress Chris. She seeks to understand him and some day be able to impress him. She desperately wants to be able to fully communicate with him. "He would stay right here, and soon, because I desperately wanted to, and because every day mercifully made me older, quite soon I would be able to reply with such a lightning burst of knowingness that it would astound him."

Chris's motivation throughout the story is his want to escape from his life and his problems. He does this by creating an alternate reality for himself to retreat to. "I felt the old rage of helplessness. But as for Chris – he gave no sign of feeling anything". The point of view is first person and from
Vanessa's perspective. The miniature saddle Chris makes is a symbol of the parallel reality in Chris's head. The saddle is meant to be a replica of one from his imaginary ranch the "Chris Cross".

The stars are a symbol of Chris's desire to be departed from reality.

Horses are mentioned periodically throughout the story. They symbolize Chris's declining mental state. At the start of the story Chris tells Vanessa of the horses he keeps on his "ranch". The horses are happy and this mirrors Chris's happiness to live partly in the real world and partly in his imagination. The next time horses are mentioned it is when Chris's tells Vanessa about war and the terror the soldiers can see in the dying horses eyes. This shows Chris's inner fear that he is going no where in life. The last time horses are mentioned is at the end, it is a line from a poem that is about lovers wanting the morning to never come. This relates to Chris because he never wants to live in reality and thus lives permanently in his imagined world. The readers understanding of the story and what is happening grows as Vanessa develops a greater understanding of the world around her. Man vs Reality. Chris does not want to live in reality. He wants to exist in a place of his own creation. "He began to talk to me, quite easily, just as though he had not heard a word my grandfather was saying."

Man vs Himself. Vanessa trying to outgrow herself. In her desire to be close to Chris Vanessa tries to force herself to mature faster instead of enjoying childhood. "For years I had wanted to be older so I might talk with him, but now I felt completely unready". The message in this story is that you should not let others influence who you are. That you should be yourself and enjoy it. Dont force yourself into things, enjoy being young and growing up. Chris's problems in life and rough childhood (his dad dying, not making it to university) influenced how he viewed the world. His lifestyle and crowded home life caused him to feel claustrophobic which pushed him into creating an alternate reality to escape current events.

Chris coming to live with Vanessa changed her perspective. By forcing her self to be more grown up Vanessa also forced her perspective to change. She began to learn new things about the people and the world around her. By:
Hailey K
Jessica B
Jasmine F
Emily E Not dealing with problems. Chris does not deal with his problems; instead he retreats into his mind and ignores them. By Margaret Lawrence Literary Terms Foreshadowing: When Chris tells Vanessa about war
horses it is foreshadowing that he will go to war.
Irony: Vanessa looks up to Chris and thinks he is perfect but in reality he is delusional. Conclusion In conclusion ultimately if we do not face reality we soon find that we can drive ourselves off a cliff in the abyss of our minds. Also, we learn as we mature and grow old in life that our perception can be altered on other people. Similar to how at first, Vanessa believed that Chris was perfect, but in the end she found that he was a corrupted human being who had some internal issues that were not being dealt with.
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