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How people dressed back then, how they dress now

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Jessica Nambo

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of How people dressed back then, how they dress now

How people dressed back then, How they dress today
By Jessica Nambo
The dresses that the farmers wife wore
Women and farmers in this time now have been wearing all kinds of dresses and the men different clothe but some had design and some did nor have any
Tea time with the Duchess.
The wife's of the duke had money so they will buy dresses for the day and different little events.
What the mades wore back then
Mades back then wore dresses like the rest but there dresses were not big and puffy they were simple.
Hair styles
There were many hair styles and wigs back then that women and men use and wore everyday.
The Dresses in the 1720's
If you were the wife of a Duke you will wear a big puffy dress made silk with designs and have paint your cheeks and lips Red
How The fashion change
Back then people wore big puffy dresses everyday and it was normal. And the men all fancy but now they only were those kind of clothe on special occasions.
People today and how they dress
People today don't dress all fancy everyday they dress casual.
The make up that they use today
Today the way that they use make up is not from putting a lot and red paint but they buy products and use them
Hair styles that women and men have now
Men and women back then had crazy hair styles, wigs and other styles. Today there are many hair styles that are popular and many people have.
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