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China Population

One Child Policy - Year 8

Miss Glenn

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of China Population

China One Child Policy
Learning Objective
China's Population
China is a country that has the worlds largest population.
What impact has this had on China now?
One Child Policy
China - Population
To understand over population and the solutions some countries have tried to manage it.
Draw a picture of what you think the world's most typical person looks like.
Are they male or female? How old are they?
China has a large population and it is rapidly expanding.
Currently the most typical human is a 28 year old Han Chinese man.
What do these posters make you think?
For years China’s leaders have been alarmed with how fast the population was growing.
We need to do something about the population it's out of control!
What could the President of China be saying?
China's One Child Policy
In 1979 China came up with the one child policy
Couples in towns and cities can only have 1 child

In rural areas, you may get permission to have 2 children if both parents are only children or if the first child is a girl

If you have more than one child you will be fined and lose other benefits

Ethnic minorities can have more than 2 children per family since their numbers are low
It’s main purpose was to make sure that China could support its large population with facilities such as healthcare, education, housing, good jobs and most importantly, food.

The aim was to reduce poverty and to improve overall quality of life for the people.
Aims of Policy
Why did the Chinese Government do this?
Millions of men will not be able to find wives as there is not enough women.

Young people will have to support several older people in the future.
The one-child policy has slowed the rise in population in China but it has also brought big problems too.

Millions of baby girls have been abandoned, or aborted, so that people could try for boys. In 2007, 120 boys were born for every girl.
Create a Propaganda poster encouraging people to be happy with female babies.
You could include reasons why...
The government decided to have a one-child policy
What the one-child policy is
What the aims of the policy were
Advantages and disadvantages
Make it interesting by including pictures, titles, clear information
Write a letter to the government. Are you for or against policy? Give reasons for your answer
Can you guess the population terms?
Impacts of the one child policy
Families have no choice about how many children they have.
Due to a traditional preference for boys, large numbers of female babies have ended up homeless or in orphanages, and in some cases killed. In 2000, it was reported that 90% of fetuses aborted in China were female.
Today it is thought that men outnumber women by more than 60 million.
Spoilt emperor syndrome-the pressure on the male child to achieve highly, marry and provide for the parents in old age.
Women and men are not viewed as equal in society.
Rural families need many children to help with work on the farms.
Can result in an ageing population.
What impact do you think this will have on China?
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