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No description

Mariah Ramos

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Disneyland

Walt Disney
1) Disneyland; Anaheim , California.
2)Disney World ; Orlando, Florida.
3) Tokyo, Japan.
4) Paris , France.
5) Hong Kong, China.
Begining of Disneyland
Best attractions:
In 1954:
The construction started
In 1955:
Disneyland Opened
In 1966:
Added New Orleans Square
In 1971:
Disney World opened
In 1972:
Opened Bear country (Critter country)
In 1977:
Tommorowland added Space Mountain
In 1978:
Celerbrated 50th Anniversary
In 2001,
They added California Adventure
The Workers didn't finish all the planting and painting
Alot of the Rides broke down
New Pricing Policy:
The management was confident to draw 26 million visitors.
*The demand of vistors was fundemental to the new pricing strategy.
The results of the planning department’s study were presented to the board. The key points to consider were:
The target of at least a 1% increase of visitors per year would be maintained in the coming future.
The reasons for the decline of visitors in amusement parks and leisure attractions were:
Decline in customer interest as the various establishments began offering similar services and activities for less money
From an economic perspective....
Boost the local economy
Generates 27 billion dollars
Created 78,000 jobs
Generates 255 million taxes each year
Cash Flow:
from 26.2 billion dollars to 28.5 billion dollars
Walt Disney is a talented animator ever creating characters like Mickey Mouse. Among other things, he was an accomplished businessman, director, and artist. Walt Disney's legacy carries on in the imagination behind countless classic films, cartoons, and theme parks.
degreed.com/blog/top-10-facts-walt disney/
The Famous Fireworks
The fireworks at Disneylad park are well known as one of the top firework shows in America. Fireworks shows change often to celebrate holidays. Fireworks has been around since 1956 and get bigger and better each year.
One of the main things Disneyland focuses on is family and hotels arn't an exception. Here are the top 16 best family based hotels:
Disneyland Hotels
Disney's Grand Californian
Residence Inn Anehiem Resort
Park Vue Inn
Best Western Park place
Fairfield Inn Anehiem
Embassy Suites Anehiem
Marriot Anahiem Suites
Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
Peacock Suites
Super 8 Anehiem
Hotel Menage
Ramda Maingate at the Park
Sheraton Anehiem
Carousel Inn and Suites
Quality Inn and Suites
Pirates of the Caribean
Haunted Mansion
Indaina Jones Adventure
Tower of Terror
Radiator Springs Racers
Soarin' over California
Space Mountain
Toy Story Mania
It's a small world
Disneyland Parades
Themes of Disneyland parades through the seasons:
Fantastic Floats
A Symphony of Disney Characters
Pre-Parade: Frozen Fantasy
Holiday parade
"I went to Disney in the first place to see the parade....it was amazing"
"This parade is different from others in previous years because it reminds me of a huge, street-wide dance party. "
"Disneyland parades are so well designed with elaborate floats, quality costumes, music that inspires warm fuzzy feelings... and they incorporate many of your favorite classic Disney characters and all the princesses - old and new - including Elsa & Anna."

The Walt Disney Company started in 1923 in Los Angeles. Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short live-action/animated films collectively called the alice comedies. In 1937, Disney released the first full length animated feature, snow white and the seven dwarfs. In 1939 Disney Studio moved to Burbank, California.
Backround story of Disney
Prices Rising Graph

Stay in the heart of the magic and enjoy theme park admission, exclusive benefits and special surprises.

Package includes:
Theme Park Tickets
Located footsteps away from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park
Extra Magic Hour**
Enjoy early admission, during every day of your hotel stay,
Free food
Disney Attraction Photo Memory

When Disney Cruise Line entered the cruise business in 1999, they made cruising a genuine "family" experience. Up until that point, most cruise lines focused mostly on adults, with very little consideration given to younger members of the family.

Disney Cruise
Disney Characters
Provides fun stuff for all ages
Slide/roller coaster type thing
Inside of the cruise ship
At The Walt Disney Company, you can be part of an amazing team that makes a positive impact on lives around the globe. Whether you provide a supporting service, facilitate a business operation, interact with a guest directly or create innovative experiences, the work you do will help achieve an incredible end result.
Disney Company
by: Mariah Ramos
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