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Technology and the Teacher

Five Technologies I Plan To Use In a Classroom

Jody Hunzer

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of Technology and the Teacher

Technology Within a Classroom An interactive whiteboard can be used in schools to replace the standard whiteboards. By using this it would allow students to interact with the material on the computer. Teachers can also record their instruction and post the material for review. Whiteboards are a great way to teach the classroom in different learning styles such as visual, tactile, and audio. Technology Within a Classroom
CambridgeUPEBLT (2009) Interactive Whiteboard. Retrieved online April 2011 through http://www.youtube.com. References: Wikipedia (2011) Retrieved online through http//en.wikipedia.org.
LCD projectors can be very beneficial to students. Teachers
set these projectors up in front of the classroom in order to display
certain videos, images or even computer data on a flat screen. This
type of projector allows all students to see useful information about a subject they are reviewing. They can also display short stories or movies
which would enourage different learning styles. There are various student response systems that are a great asset to students. Teachers can attach infrared radio frequency that collects data to their computer. Students can submit a response to the teacher by using a pad. This is in real time and can also be displayed through an LCD projector. Digital media is a form of electronic
media where data is stored in either a
digital or analog form. There are various
examples such as cellular phones, digital
video, televisions, computers and so on.
These types of media are very important
in a classroom. E-books and internet are
also examples which can provide additional
education to students and allow for research
about a specific subject. Podcasts are another great technology
in a classroom. These are series of digital
media files that can be either audio or video.
These files go into a server that can be accessed
through the internet or streamed webcasting.
These types of files can be stored in a students
computer or any other handheld device. Students
can access homework and other school concerns
or activities when not in a classroom.
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