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External Overview

From Need to Know to Need to Share

Jamie Findlater

on 19 June 2012

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Transcript of External Overview

March 6, 1995 - "State Department Officials often feel stuck in the dark ages as they wait for electronic mail to make its way to an Under Secretary one floor above." Diplopedia Need to Know How We Came To Be Who We Are Designing
Innovating What We Do Initiative Based Products, Services & Tools Initiative: Knowledge Management & Collaboration Professional Networking Initiative: Connection
& Sharing Communities@State Initiative: Communication
& Conversation Tech@State Sounding Board Virtual Student Foreign Service e-Diplomacy helps with : Virtual Presence Posts Initiative: From Virtual to Real Collaboration Initiative: Ideation to Turn Water Cooler Conversation to Action Initiative: Microtasking & Crowdsourcing for Surge Capacity & Student Collaboration Initiative: Targeted Outreach Need to Share for 21st Century Statecraft How to Collaborate Behind the Firewall:
If the Oldest Federal Agency Can Do It, So Can You! Visioning Tech Diplomacy American Academy of Diplomacy
(All 2+-Time Ambassadors) Robertson Fellows Tech Visionaries and... ELOs like you! Nov 5-6, 2011 at the Airlie House Apply Now! See our Corridor Group or Diplopedia page for more info
or email James Bjorkman (listed in the GAL) + + + How could connection technology have changed the course of history? And how will it impact the future of diplomacy? Visioning Tech Diplomacy Is Change Possible? Collaboration Behind the Firewall in the
Oldest Federal Agency Initiative: Civil Society Resilience Through Accessible Tech
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