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Odysseus' Revenge

By: Madison Pae, Kathryn Sorrells, Ajia Terry, Alan Trujilo, and David Villalobos

Madison P.

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Odysseus' Revenge

Group 7 Odysseus' Revenge Activity Summary Odysseus finally returns home and comes to find that men are lining up for his wife's hand in marriage, even though Odysseus is still alive. Odysseus is angered and gets his revenge on all the suitors. He kills Antinous first because he was ridiculing Odysseus and was the strongest of all the suitors. So when Antinous goes to sip his wine, Odysseus kills him by shooting him in the throat with his arrow. The suitors' anger flares when he does this, but it soon turns to fear when Odysseus tells them what he has in store for them. The suitors plead with him telling him everything was Antinous' fault, but Odysseus doesn't believe them, and he doesn't he care. So Odysseus fights the men with his son, Telemachus by his side. Athena sends down a thundercloud to shield Odysseus. The suitors run madly, trying to escape, but it was hopeless, nobody made it out alive. Odysseus- The central figure in the epic
Telemachus- Son of Odysseus and Penelope
Penelope- Wife of Odysseus and mother of their son, Telemachus
Antinous & Eurymachus- The two leading suitors
Athena- AKA "Pallas Athena", she frequently intervenes on Odysseus' behalf, often in disguise Characters Special Vocabulary Contempt- Disdain or scorn; "You dared bid
for my wife while I was still alive. Contempt was all you had for the gods who ruled wide heaven, contempt for what say of you hereafter."
Wiliest- craftiest; sly; "Now shrugging off his rags the wiliest fighter of the islands leaped and & stood on the broad door sill, his own bow in his hand."
Revelry- noisy festivity; "in that revelry amid his throng of friends who would imagine a single foe- though a strong foe indeed." Theme The theme of this story is Heroism. Odysseus shows true heroism saying, "I will fight for men."
He is willing to fight for his men and die rather than running away. Crossword Puzzle:
Based on the story, theme, and vocabulary
you must try to fill out the crossword puzzle in the given amount of time.
*Answers will be provided when almost everyone is done* Figurative Language 1485- "He drew his own sword as he spoke, a broadsword of fine bronze, honed like a razor on either edge." pg. 1109 (imagery) 1535- "Think of a catch that fisherman hail in to a half-moon bay in a fine meshed net from the white caps of the sea." pg. 1111 (metaphor)
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